Sunday, January 14, 2018

Hawaii false alarm-Synchronicity with my Hawaii Trip in the early 2000's-Tom Selleck Sync while making this post-Family Guy-Cowboy

This story has me thinking about some synchronicity I haven't had time to document. 
On Thursday night at work one of the high school kids working with me brought up something about being stuck on an elevator. I then told her and another high school kid a real story of this happening. It was when I was in high school at the Iowa Games. A bunch of my friends got stuck on an elevator. I went on to tell her about how me and another kid(Jake) got in trouble because we dropped cherries out of the 8th floor window onto some guys car. The guy came upstairs pissed as hell and found us and what not. 

So that was on Thursday night, then on Friday night the other guy in the story came in and ordered pizza's. I have not seen him in probably 10 years, but I guess he was back for a family Christmas thing and he now lives in Carroll, Iowa. I even asked him if he remembered the Cherry story and he laughed and absolutely remembered it. I told him how it was crazy I just talked about him the night before and now he shows up too.

The reason this story ties in to Hawaii is because I only have 2 main memories with this guy. Both of them were because his dad coached an all girls soccer team called the Illusions that my sister played on. They played at the Iowa Games a bunch of times, but also went to Hawaii to play in a tournament. A bunch of families on the team made a vacation out of it and we had a big vacation to Hawaii. I think it was 2003?
So now we get a story about Hawaii......the date I randomly talked about him(Thursday) was 1/11....
He also said now lives in Carroll, Iowa.....which is interesting because I only know 1 person who lives in Hawaii currently and her married last name is "Carroll". 
Another Old Person I know dies-Hawaii
I used to know 2 people who lived in Hawaii...the girl above and my friend Drew. I found out from Jake that Drew lives in Oregon...or Idaho...can't remember for sure. Drew however played a big part in the cherry dropping story as at the Iowa Games that year he overdosed on NoDoz. So doesn't necessarily have to be connected to this Hawaii False Report story...but I want to document this in case as it seems like it is to me. 

I mentioned a while back that "Hawaii"=261(satanic) as well. 
I've been saying how the number "50" seems to be really important to a lot of these syncs as well....Just makes me think of Hawaii the 50th state.  
North Korean Missile=261(reverse)

Family Guy Season Four=261
I looked up Hawaii in connection to Family Guy and there are only a few mentions of of them is a joke with Magnum P.I. that is set in Hawaii and it's on "Three Kings" which was the Stand By Me episode of Family Guy. 

I wonder if there is something to do with Tom Selleck? He's also famous for The Rockford Files with James Garner(Space Cowboy)

Selleck did a bunch of Cowboy films. 
Another memory that really stands out at the Iowa Games and the Cherry Dropping story is that I remember listening to Kid Rock and Buckcherry over and over. A bunch of the girls loved Kid Rock and so did I at the time. It was the Devil Without a Cause Album that had the song "Cowboy" on it. 
Buckcherry too lol....I never thought about that until now in regards to dropping cherries out the window. 
Also in the Link Above about the old person and Hawaii I talked about a story that came out about Hawaii discovering the first object from another solar system....
National Aeronautics and Space Administration=261 (NASA). 

You've got to be kidding me? As I'm writing this blog post up I stop to think for a second and look at the TV. I see Tom Selleck and was like WTF? Then he walks up to a lady in the show and the first thing he says is "Carol"?  

In the video above it says it's from the show Elementary but it's not. It's from the TV Show "Blue Bloods". 
Season 7 episode 8...Personal Business is the correct episode. 

I also in the mix of things posted a comment on Zach's blog about a troll named Peter Griffin. 
That first episode of Family Guy was a big piece last year. I talked about how it starts off with a Brady Bunch Skit...then the Patriots won the SB 51. I noticed it also has a joke where Peter is drunk at the movie theater watching "Philadelphia". 
Tom Selleck=333(Jewish)
2015 was the 333rd anniversary of Philadelphia and so on...
Tom Selleck....Tom Hanks....hmmm...Tom Brady? 
Remember "Thomas" means "Twins"...the Twin Cities....I'm still thinking Steelers but I guess it would make sense for Thomas Brady to play in the Twin Cities. 

I had a screen shot of the game today when the Eagles kicked a Field Goal in the 3rd quarter with 16 seconds left.(316) making the score 10-12, but my phone won't charge and died out of nowhere today. I think the charger port shorted out or something, although I don't understand how. Also I can't believe I forgot to look at Michael Vick before the Eagles played the Falcons today....

Interesting Family Guy also mentions the film Philadelphia in Season 5 episode 2 called "Mother Tucker"...Notice the episode is about Tom Tucker needing to spend more time with his son Jake...Just interesting as this post began with synchronicity of a guy named Jake(Greenwood). 

Anyway I had intentions of writing a post with more on the actual Hawaii story but I have to get some sleep. I've barely slept the last few days. I'll try and catch up on info tomorrow. 


  1. In Magnum PI. Magnum played football for the Naval Academy and his coach at the Naval Academy was Steve Belicheck. Yes his dad did coach there and is based on reality. Vick also played for the Steelers.

  2. I think it was last week, you were talking about "The Bird" and I mentioned a Mark Fidrych documentary that had just debuted on TV. Mark was called "The Bird". Now you're talking about Tom Selleck, who narrated the documentary.