Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Lights in my house acting Strange-Ben Franklin-Thomas Edison-Philadelphia

Yesterday when I got off work our living room light wouldn't work. The ceiling fan was working with the switch but the light was out. I figured it was probably just the light bulb. I went into our dining room and took the light bulb out as it was working and we didn't have any extra light bulbs. When I put that bulb in the living room the light still wouldn't work. I started thinking maybe something is just wrong with the wiring and hooked up a lamp. I figured I would mess with it later. So anyway I took the light bulb back to the dining room and the bulb wouldn't work in the dining room now either. I thought what are the odds that 2 of my light bulbs go bad within minutes of each other? So I started thinking maybe it was just two bad light bulbs somehow..or possibly a short in the living room that broke both bulbs? I then took the light out of Claires room to put in the living room. Of course that light worked just fine in the living room so both bulbs must've went bad at the same time. 
So today my girlfriend bought a package of light bulbs. While she was gone our bathroom light quit working lol. Anyway just a second ago I went in to change the light bulb in the bathroom and I barely unscrewed it and the light turned on. So the bulb wasn't bad....but how did it turn off then? 
We are sitting here asking ourselves what is going on with the lights? Then my girlfriend jokingly said, "Maybe our sons name was supposed to start with a D"....meaning he's possesed like "Damien" on the Omen. 

Anyway something I noticed in regards to lights. 
Zamien Behrendt=144 and 234(reverse)
If he was a girl we were going to name him "Rosie".. 
Damien Behrendt=122, 333(Jewish)
It's just funny to me considering all of the Philadelphia stuff I've mentioned and I just made a Kobe Bryant Video talking about the 333rd anniversary of Philadelphia. Also 122 was important in that video. 
Light Bulb=150(reverse)
Philadelphia Eagles=150 and 333(Jewish)
Philadelphia's 333rd anniversary was 2 years 3 months 9 days before Super Bowl 52...haha how fitting. 
239 the 52nd prime
Also 2015 was the 239th year of the United States. 
The Flag supposedly sewn at 239 Arch Street in Philadelphia. 
Golden Gate=239(Jewish)
Pope Francis' 1,189th day as Pope was on Trumps Bday in the 239th year of the US. It's also Flag Day...
Key of David=1189(Jewish)
Donald J Trump=1189(Jewish)
The King James Bible came out on 5/2..1611. 
52nd prime is 239. 
The KJV has 1,189 chapters. 
Philadelphia Pennsylvania=1611(Jewish)
Remember too that 2015 was 404 years after 1611...
Pope Francis=404(Jewish)
He arrived in the US at 4:04pm. 
King James=404(satanic)
There are 404 verses in revelation. 

Super Bowl 52 is also 101 days after the 335th anniversary of Philadelphia. 
Also 3 months 9 days......Philadelphia on 39N. 
Anything that adds to 39 in ordinal is 234 in sumerian. 

Think about getting an idea in your head....the lightbulb pops up.....Also I wonder if there is something I'm supposed to see in regards to Black outs? Lights out? 

I was just getting ready to post this blog post and I looked at the TV and saw this....2:34pm. 
It's Season 18 episode 21 of the Simpsons making fun of TV Show "24" with Keifer Sutherland....
Once again I mentioned a bunch about "24" before and after Super Bowl 50 which was in the 2015 NFL season...I'll have to go back and just start watching all of my old videos as there is something I talked about that I'm supposed to see to put this puzzle together I assume. 
Thinking about light bulbs too makes me think of electricity....Ben Franklin supposedly discovered electricity with his kite...
Kite=234(eng ext)
Notice he was born on 1/17 like my son. 
Think about Ben Franklin and the connection to Philadelphia. 
Thomas Edison supposedly invented the first practical light bulb...
Thomas Edison=52 and 65(rev red) also 477(Jewish)
Notice him and Franklin died age 84...
We are currently in the 477th anniversary of the Jesuits...Pope Francis left Philadelphia on the Jesuit anniversary in 2015...
Edison dies 117 days(end date) before his bday.


  1. Hope u were able to catch from gematria effect , will smith age 49 his bday 33 weeks and 3 days after super bowl. Just got served a 130.5 mph (219kmh) Tennis ball. I figured they are trying to get the 131 super bowl connection. At this point I'm thinking they have eagles upset and have patriots win next year and make bill b 6 champions at age 66