Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Film Oblivion cover has a collapsed Bridge-Endless Love-Happy Gilmore

I was thinking about the connections to the film Oblivion again in regards to the last Super Bowl being the 2017 Championship. This is the 2017 NFL season....
Something I never noticed before is that the cover shows a Collapsed Bridge. 
Oblivion=44, 98, 118(reverse)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania=118
Patriots=118, 98(reverse)
Tom Brady=98, 118(reverse)
Became the starter at Michigan in 98'.
Jim Harbaugh=98 
Michigan Wolverines=98
Brady Bunch=98
Ninety Eight=64

Tom Brady's mother supposedly from Browerville, Minnesota too. 
Browerville, Minnesota=98, 118(rev red)
Funny it says 135 miles north of US Bank Stadium..
Fly Eagles Fly=135
The Key of David=135
Philadelphia founded on 10+27+16+82=135
Kobe Bean Bryant=135
Golden Gate Bridge=135

Oblivion came out in Buenos Aires(where Pope Francis is from) 13 days after Pope Francis became the Pope on 3/13/13. 

Thomas Cruise Mapother IV=107, 127(rev red) and 316(reverse)
Jesus Christ=316(Hebrew)
Pope Francis bday is 316 days after SB 52. 
All the Charles Manson 316...Tim Tebow 316 against the City of Bridges-Aaron Hernandez 316...
Three Hundred Sixteen=98(rev red)

In the Film Tom's character doesn't find out the complete truth until he sees Tech-52. 
Super Bowl 52....
National Anthem=231(reverse) and so on....

Tom Cruise began his film career with the film "Endless Love". 
Think about that in regards to Happy Gilmore...Friends listen to Endless Love in the Dark....

Endless Love the song even came out on 8/1/81. 
The Minnesota Bridge Collapsed on 8/1 and fell 81 feet. 
Golden Gate Bridge=81 and 81(rev red) it will be 81 years old in 2018.
Pope Francis turned 81 years old 81 days after the Jesuit Anniversary. Pope Paul III who established the Jesuits died age 81..Francis the first jesuit Pope....
Pittsburgh Steelers=81...City of Bridges/Why Tebow the original Kneeler had his 316 game against them. 

Kobe Bean Bryant=81(rev red)....81 point game/Philly. 

The 81st anniversary of the GG Bridge is 112 days after Super Bowl 52.  
Super Bowl=112(reverse)

Also interesting SB 52 is 253 days or 8 months 8 days after the 80th anniversary of the GG Bridge. 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania=253
Trump=88=Kneel=Colin Kaepernick=The Star Spangled Banner=US Bank Stadium....88 years since Stock Market Crash and so on...

Also interesting Diana Ross born on what I've called the "Gabriel" number 326....
The Flag sewn by Betsy Ross...who knows...
Diana born in 44'. 


  1. https://youtu.be/7wUIrLtBDSA
    Toll 14 59 49
    End 14
    Toll booth 38
    Toll taker killed 59
    Victim name sounds like CC like 33
    This took place on the bay bridge

  2. Diana Ross bday 3/26/2017 to SB 52 2/4/2018 is a span of: 316 Days. She's also 73 yrs old. Sacrifice=73
    Her birth Numerology: 3+26+44=73
    3+26=29 Football=29.
    Can she be a SB Ritual Murder soon?