Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Beale Ciphers of Thomas J. Beale

Sam text me last night asking if I've ever heard of the Beale Ciphers. I had not, but I just looked them up. 

Beale Ciphers=58

Also interesting of the 3 ciphertexts only the 2nd one was solved and it was solved by using the Declaration of Independence. 
Beale Ciphers=221
Declaration of Independence=221(reverse)

Thomas J. Beale gave Robert Morriss the ciphertexts. 
Lynchburg Innkeeper=90(rev red)
Robert Morriss=90(rev red)

Thomas J. Beale might have really been James B. Ward who was a a Freemason says Joe Nickell? 
James B Ward=33, 42, 96
Freemason=42, 96
Joe Nickell=42, 96

Robert Morriss didn't open the box for 23 years. Then showed a friend who tried to solve it for 23 years of his life? 


  1. Hiram Herbert apparently became obsessed with the riddle in seems interesting but clues like this make me think it's a joke of a distraction. Thanks for the knowledge though.

  2. Everything is a microcosm, and it seems that, numbers are pretty far down the rabbit hole. Interesting stuff!