Monday, November 27, 2017

Prince Harry engaged to Meghan Markle

This is great remember John Goodman in King Ralph was the American who became the King. Then falls in love with a lady named Camile. 
Now we get Prince Harry getting engaged to an American. 

Have to love the Hidden Hand pose too. 

Meghan Markle=216
Notice she was born on the 216th day of the year 8/4. 
Prince Henry of Wales=216
American Royal=216(reverse)
United States of America=84
Harry was born in 84' 

She's also distantly related to Prince Harry through the Bowes....
Just makes me think of Queen Elizabeth II's mother...Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon who was also born on 8/4. 
Queen Elizabeth II=84(rev red)

Rachel Meghan Markle=331(reverse)
They announce this engagement on 11/27 which is the 331st day of the year. 
Meghan Markle=63(rev red)
Prince Harry=63(rev red)

It's funny thinking about it too. Elizabeth II's father only became the King because his brother Edward married American Wallis Simpson and gave up the throne in order to do so. 

This story comes 8 months 8 days before Markel's 37th bday. 
Remember Trump came out ot Queen's "We are the Champions" 88 days after Elizabeth's bday. 

This is a perfect day for Catholic Coding as well. The Royal Family is connected to the Catholics even though they want us to think it's not. 
The story comes 71 days before Elizabeth II's anniversary being Queen. Also 145 Days before her bday. 
Catholic=71, 145(reverse)

8/4 to Elizabeth's anniversary is also 6 months 2 days. 
Queen=26, 62
She was born in 26'. 
Became Queen on 2/6...coronation on 6/2. 
She turned 26 years old 74 days after becoming the Queen. 
Her bday is 74 days before 7/4. 

This story also 220 days after Queen Elizabeth's 91st bday. 
Prince Charles=76(rev red), 220(reverse)
Donald John Trump=220(reverse)

I've recently been bringing up 150 again as it connects to Fathers/Jesuits/Eagles and so on...but I never realized...
Queen Elizabeth=150

Remember back in September they had the Prince Harry Twin article too. 
Prince Harry=135
Prince Henry=135
Henry Charles Albert David=135(rev red)
The Key of David=135

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