Friday, November 24, 2017

Unsolved Mysteries episode 19-Robert Stack-Dennis Farina-Lil Miss Murder-Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine-DUTCH Darren Daulton and more

Host of Unsolved Mysteries was Robert Stack. 

Notice he died 4 months 2 days after his bday. 
Robert Stack=42

It's funny the only reason I looked this up was because Sam told me to watch it if I can. I've looked online and I can't find this episode but just looking at the detail on Wikipedia works just fine. 

Notice Lil' Miss Murder died on 4/2

The evidence led that she was taken to the Old Government Bridge located at 42 N even. 
She was driving a "Honda CR-X"=42
They found her body near Casper, Wyoming. 
Casper, Wyoming=69
Lisa Marie Kimmel=69(her real name)
She was born in 1969. 

The 69 reminds me of Dennis Farina who was the other host of Unsolved Mysteries. He died age 69 exactly 69 days after the anniversary of Robert Stack. 
Dennis Farina=69

The other story you can look more into from the episode is about the Lost Dutchman Mine. 
Lost Dutchman=42
Dutchman=42(rev red)
Arizona=42(rev red)
Lost Dutchman's=43
Forty Two=43, 38(rev red)
Gold Mine=43, 38(rev red)

The historical info about the guy who found the mine(Jacob Waltz) says there really was such a person. Notice how it tells us on wiki the earlierst documentation says Waltz declared himself to be about 38 years old. 
Then later it mentions of a catastrophic flood in Phoenix in 1891. 
Just after they mention this they tell us that the Arizona Enterprise was reporting the efforts of Waltz's nurse looking for the treasure. Notice the date they show though....9/1. 

Interesting looking this up I realized something about what I covered back in August just before I talked about the water/fire symbolism and the Phoenix Lights. Now this story showing me the Phoenix area again, which is also a place I lived back in 2008/09. 
I noticed that the wikipedia article puts emphasis on Dutchman meaning German or Deutsch. 
Jacob Waltz=32

Anyway "Dutch"=231(satanic)
National Anthem=231(reverse) and a lot more 231 I've been talking about recently...
Remember Darren Daulton's nickname was also "Dutch" and he died on Dutchman Joran van der Sloots bday 8/6. 
Daulton was married to a Playboy Playmate as well(Lynne Austin). She was Playmate of the Month in 86'. 
The other reason I find this important is because Sam had asked me about Darren Daulton's book and if it was worth reading. 

The Gold Mine story is traced back to 2 guys named Jacob which some people think is actually just 1 Jacob with a misinterpretation of his last name. 
Remember Daulton mentions the bible talking about the Pineal Gland in Genesis 32....where Jacob says he saw God Face to Face and called it Peniel. 
Twins=32=Thomas and so on...
Genesis Thirty Two=83, 88(rev red)....numbers I've recently been mentioning in regards to the media stories being connected. 
God also tells Jacob he is "Israel" in Genesis 32....
Isis Ra El=61(rev red)=God=Holy Spirit=Jesus=Cross and so on...

Also Darren Arthur Daulton.....D.A.D.
This is something I was talking about being interrelated into the Twins/Jesuits stuff. Fathers/Priests/Dad.. Just makes me wonder what the point of it is. My girlfriend is pregnant with my first biological child now too. Originally pregnant with Twins but had a miscarriage. 

Everything it seems really does happen for a reason. If you pay enough attention eventually it seems you will get a better understanding of what this life truly is. 

Robert Stack's real name, 
Charles Langford Modini Stack=261
261 a number I have mentioned a lot in the 3 or 4 months. 

I was reading that Daulton's wife was on Married With Children and it reminded me of this Ed O'Neill film called "Dutch" Too. 

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