Friday, November 17, 2017

Keystone Pipeline Leak just after Trump needs a drink of Water-Water is Life-Standing Rock

Yesterday we got this story about Trump Drinking Water....

Marco Rubio drank water on 2/12..2013. 
Poland Spring Water=212(what he drank)
Notice the article shows a 2:12 video of The Late Show making fun of Trump too. 

Now today the big story is the leak at the Keystone Pipeline and how Trump extended the Plan for the Pipeline that Obama wouldn't.

Remember a major issue in regards to the DAPL and Standing Rock was because of  contaminated Water. The Motto was even "Water is Life". 

Last year the DAPL was all synced up to the Indians in the World Series. Now this year we get the Fire vs Water theme in which the Astros(water) won the World Series. 

Water=22, 32(rev red)
Life=22(rev red), 32

Keystone XL Pipeline=88(rev red)

Something else to keep in mind is that Pennsylvania is the Keystone State.....Church of Philadelphia....The Key of David....
Key of David=135
Native American=135
South Dakota=135
I posted about a lot of this in 2016 in regards to the native american theme as it was connected to Vail, Colorado that has Keystone Ski Resort. 

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