Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Roy Halladay dies in plane crash-Tombstone-Doc Holliday-Val Kilmer-Bill Paxton

Right of the bat when seeing this guys nickname is Doc Halladay, I'm reminded of Bill Paxton portraying Morgan Earp in Tombstone. 

Possibly nothing but interesting Roy Halladay born in Colorado where Doc Holliday died. 
Notice too Roy Halladay died near "Holiday", Florida...So obvious. 

Roy dies 189 days(end date) before his bday. 
Doc Holliday=189(reverse)

Roy also dies on what would have been the birthday of Big Nose Kate. She was Doc Hollidays spouse. 
Big Nose Kate=189

He also dies 256 days(end date) after Bill Paxton on 2/25. 
John Henry Holliday=256(reverse)
Tombstone, Arizona=225(reverse)
Notice it's also 8 months 14 days....
Doc Holliday born on 8/14. 

Doc Holliday=54
Big Nose Kate=54
Morgan Earp=54
11/7 leaves 54 days in the year. 

Today is even 54 days  before Val Kilmer's bday. Kilmer portrays Doc Holliday in Tombstone. 
Val Kilmer=40......Roy Halladay dies age 40. Just after HALLoween=40
Notice 1 month 24 days too. 
Harry Leroy Halladay III=124(rev red)

I think it's funny on my blog when talking about Morgan and Wyatt Earp I said how it seems it syncs up 1 day off. 
Notice Roy Halladay dies on 11/7 and Doc Holliday dies on 11/8...1 day off. 

Just thinking about Val Kilmer too. He was the Batman who figured out the Gematria riddle of the Riddler(Jim Carrey). I talked about this in my death of Adam West(Wild West?) post. Anyway lately we've got a lot of stories about Jim Carrey acting strange because of his upcoming portrayal of Terence McKenna. It makes me think about Kilmer playing Jim Morrison and the Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley. Huxley and C.S. Lewis also died the exact same day as JFK. (11/22/1963)

Kilmer also went to High School with Kevin Spacey...

Also I just documented about the film Young Guns and Lou Diamond Phillips being arrested...Just makes me think of the Wild West yet again. 

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