Saturday, November 4, 2017

Watched the new season 11 Big Bang Theory episode a bit ago-Wil Wheaton makes his first appearance since season 9.

Oh the odds lol. We just got back from Council Bluffs and my girlfriend asked if I wanted to watch the new Big Bang Theory as we missed it last night. 
It's the only show we watch together as I've documented previously on this blog...
Anyway look at that....Wil Wheaton is on this episode. I just made a video about how I've noticed a pattern with the kids on "Stand by Me" and now Wil Wheaton makes an appearance on the newest episode of the Big Bang Theory? 

Wheaton hasn't been on the show since Season 9 either. He was never on Season 10 and now it's in Season 11. 
He was mentioned in season 10 episode 12 but not in the episode. 
Just thinking about the 10/12 stuff in regards to the Simpsons episode after my uncle died.....

I think I see what I'm supposed to in regards to Wil Wheaton. He was in Star Trek as well, which is why he is on this show. 
Think about Star Trek....Space....I even mentioned how Howard(The Jew) on the Big Bang Theory is an astronaut and goes to Space. 
The USS Enterprise(think about Star Trek) that had John McCain Aboard picked up John Glenn on Friendship 7. 
Notice Wil Wheaton also agrees to go on a Star Trek themed episode of Sheldon's show "Fun with FLAGS". 
So Space theme and national anthem(Flags)......
The Big Bang Theory=166
Howard Wolowitz=166(reverse)
Sheldon obsessed with "73"....
Seventy Three=166
May Thirteenth=166(day Jim Parson's got married)
Parson's from HOUSTON....He proposes to Amy on the 231st episode. 
National Anthem=231....Ralphie May stuff and more...
One of the commericals during this episode is even about a Native American Astronaut who took his tribes FLAG to space. 
John B. Herrington=177
Chickasaw Nation Flag=177
John Herrington=175
John Bennett Herrington=312(reverse)

Notice Wil Wheaton also born the same day as my TWIN cousins...I noted their bday is 261 days after mine....Wendy Williams story was 261 days before her bday. All the 261 stuff I have documented on this blog and still unsure of the meaning. 
Sheldon Lee Cooper=261(reverse)
In the post about my Twin cousins I mentioned the town of "Hackensack, Minnesota" as I went to 10 Mile Lake there after I graduated.....Think about all of the "10" stuff I talked about in regards to JFK/Trump/Marilyn Manson......

Ben E King who is famous for the song "Stand by Me" died in Hackensack, New Jersey....These are the only 2 Hackensacks that Wikipedia lists too. Twin cousins have a brother named BEN who I work with as well. 
Benjamin Nelson=231(reverse)
Richard Wheaton=231(reverse)

Stand by me the song also has some interesting lyrics. 
"When the night has come, and the land is dark, and the MOON is the only Light we'll see"...
"If the Sky that we look upon, should tumble and fall, or the mountain should crumble to the sea"? 

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    Lebron dressed as penny wise.. I am sure there is alot of symbolism with this.