Monday, November 27, 2017

Philadelphia Eagles win 31-3 reminds me of 2015 and Pope Francis visit to the US-Death of Glenn Frey-Lana Meisner

There seems to be a connection to what I was talking about in 2015 in regards to the connections to the Chiefs and the Eagles and Pope Francis' visit to the US. 
Notice today the Eagles won 31-3 becoming 10-1. 
Philadelphia=65, 101
313 is the 65th prime number. 
Notice the Chiefs lost to the Bills today making both their records 6-5 too. 
Pope Francis became the Pope on 3-13-13. 
The last time the Eagles made the Super Bowl they finished the regular season 13-3. Also Miami games were rescheduled due to Hurricanes similar to this year. 
Today was 22 days before Pope Francis' bday. 
Super Bowl 52 is 863 days(end date) after Pope Francis first arrived in Philadelphia. 
863 the 150th prime number. 
Philadelphia Eagles=150

The Super Bowl is in Minnesota. We have Sam Bradford go from the Eagles to the Vikings. 
Sam Bradford=101
Now the Vikings have Case Keenum who played with the RAMS where Sam Bradford originally played. Teddy BRIDGEwater....
I still think all of this is somehow connected to a Bridge Collapse or Earthquake near Philadelphia. Think about the Minnesota Bridge Collapse as well. 
The Franklin Bridge built in honor of the 150th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. 

Sam Bradford born on 11/8 the same day Bridgewater was knocked out against the Rams....
Glenn Frey dies on 1/18. 
Randy Meisner's wife dies 1 month 18 days after Frey. 
We got a story of Don Henley saying the Eagles were Over 118 days after the Paris attacks with the Eagles of Death Metal. 
The Paris Attacks happened 1 month 18 days after Pope Francis first arrived in Philadelphia on 9/26. 
Pope Francis' bday is 1 month 18 days before Super Bowl 52 as well. 
Philadelphia Pennsylvania=118
Doug Pedersen hired on 1/18(same day Frey died). 
His bday is 1/31...."Super Bowl"=131
Douglas Irving Pedersen=313(reverse)
Also with the Death of Ralphie May and how it was in connection to The Big Lebowski....Remember The Dude Lebowski hates the Fuckin Eagles...played by Jeff BRIDGES. 
The Big Lebowski=231(reverse) also 1217(Jewish)
National Anthem=231(reverse)
Pope Francis bday is 12/17. 
One Hundred Fifty=231(reverse)

Also remember the 150 stuff I was talking about in regards to Priests/Jesuits....then we got the missing sailors on USS we have the missing Argentina Submarine.....Pope Francis is from Argentina...

Carson Wentz reminds me of when Ben Carson's campaigner(Braden Joplin) died near where Johnny Carson died. This story was significant to the Joplin tornado and earthquakes...
Carson Wentz went to ND State. On Thanksgiving this year I was thinking about my cousins husband/boyfriend(not sure which). He was my high school football coach as well. He was on the South Dakota Coyotes team in 1986 that lost to ND State in the Divison II championship game. 

He was then drafted to the Phoenix Cardinals in the 10th round of the 1990 NFL draft.
Dave Elle=66, 150(reverse)
South Dakota Coyotes=66
Thanksgiving=66(reverse) Just funny I think about it after seeing him on Thanksgiving. 
I'm sure he has no clue about any of this too. 

Just want to document it as his last name is "Elle", in the last few days I've been watching Stranger Things with Eleven or El. My grandma Ellie died this year. 
El is Saturn and so on.. 

I didn't know reverse gematria back then now I see it even more clear. 
The reason Chip Kelly was the Eagles coach was because Chiefs Coach Andy Reid was fired from the Eagles. 
Andrew Reid=56
Chip Kelly=56
Pat Shurmur=56(Interim after Kelly Fired)
Doug Pedersen=56(rev red)(came from Chiefs)

Who knows just trying to recap on some stuff so I can think more about all of this. 

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