Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Corey Feldman releases 2nd Abusers name on the Dr. Oz Show

Corey Feldman releases the name of a 2nd abuser on the Dr. Oz Show. 
Alphy Hoffman=62, 46(rev red)
The Dr. Oz Show=62, 46(rev red)
Feldman is currently 46 years old. 

I love how this guy has ties to the Los Angeles Dodgers too. They just lost in the World Series so it's fitting for something like to show up. 
Corey Scott Feldman=72
Cloyd Jon Grissom=72
Also November 13th is the 317th day of the year. 

Jon Grissom=59(rev red)
Corey Feldman=59(rev red)

Cloyd Jon Grissom=72, 198
Corey Scott Feldman=72, 198

I was thinking about this a while back in regards to "Doc" Holliday and Doc Scurlock....
Feldman keeps releasing these names on The "Dr." Oz Show. 
Wizard of OZ=62, 46(rev red)
Wonderful Wizard, Wendy Williams, Wil Wheaton....? 

Also just noting that it says Dr. OZ is a Turkish-American. Just thinking about that in regards to the upcoming Thanksgiving...
Also I find it interesting that my girlfriends birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year.
Jasmine Cowgill=62
Jasmine Marie Cowgill=198
Her bday also 62 days before our Baby is due on 1/24. 

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