Thursday, November 23, 2017

Death of David Cassidy-Family Guy episode "Don't Make Me Over"-Partridge Family-Kevn Spacey-Roman Polanski-Family Guy episode "Three Kings"-Cassidy and Stand By Me

We got the Death of David Cassidy on 11/21.  
This stands out to me because of the Kevin Spacey stuff. 
Remember Family Guy "Don't Make Me Over" episode had Stewie saying he was trapped in Kevin Spacey's basement. 
But the whole episode was about how the Griffin Family starts a Family Band like the Partridge Family. 
Family Guy Kevin Spacey Episode-Partridge Family Joke

I just re looked this episode up on Wikipedia and look what they have written in here now. 
The original line had Roman Polanski's name in place of Kevin Spacey but was changed in post production.....

I mean it needs a citation.....but WHY would anyone write what is in there?....It's because Wiki is run the people who run the show. 

Charles Manson just died....but remember Charles Manson orchestrated the murder of Roman Polanski's wife Sharon Tate. 

The last edit to that Wiki Page was on 11/9. So it was at least 10 days before Charles Manson died too. 

The song they sing on Family Guy is "Gonna Buy Me a Rainbow". 
Gonna Buy Me a Rainbow=83 
Kevin Spacey Fowler=83, 88(rev red)
Charles Manson dies age 83(a lot of other 83 around him). 
Also 88 is all about the national anthem stuff....
Keith Partridge=88(K), 83(rev red)
Partridge Family=83, 88(rev red)
David Cassidy=88(s)

Another interesting thing in regards to this episode is that Jimmy Fallon takes Meg's virginity.....

So late October we get the Spacey Sex Allegations and then on 11/4 we got the death of Jimmy Fallon's mother. 

The only episode of Family Guy that David Cassidy is on is called "Three Kings". Season 7 episode 15. He's on a poster on the wall of Andy Dufresne's jail cell in a spoff of the Shawshank Redemption. This stick out too for the fact that in the "Don't Make Me Over" episode the family band gets their start at a Prison....think about that in regards to Charles Manson just dying in prison. 

Notice though...This episode split into 3 separate parts with the first a parody of STAND BY ME. The plot thickens. 

In the beginning of the episode they are introducing the characters. They tell us of Quag Chambers who had sex when he was 5 and committed his first Rape age 10, but rape was legal in the 50's. 
I wonder if the Playboys are significant as well...thinking about Hugh Hefner dying? 

At the end they tell us that Quaq Chambers grew up to be a famous Hollywood Actor......Think about it.....He was a raper that grew up to be an Actor....How fitting for the media as of late(Spacey/Weinstein and so on). 

David Cassidy's major hit was "I think I love You". Notice when you look the song up it even shows us that Jerry O'Connell sings the song on Scream 2. I mean of course it's in a bunch of other stuff, but what are the odds of the few they list on Wiki involving an actor that was in Stand By Me? 

David Cassidy=48
He dies 223 days after his bday....
223 is the 48th prime number. 
The Star Spangled Banner=223

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