Monday, November 13, 2017

7.3 magnitude Halabja, Iraq Earthquake-1988 Chemical attack in Halabja on 3/16

A 7.3 Earthquake near Halabja in Iraq? 

Halabja, Iraq=73(rev red), 44
Notice it says it was about 217 miles away from Baghdad too.
November Twelfth=73(rev red)

The article later mentions how there was a chemical attack in Halabja during the reign of Saddam Hussein. Notice it happened on March 16th 1988. 
November 12th is the 316th day of the year. 
Chemical Attack=47, 88(rev red) happens in 88'. 
Saddam Hussein=47
Earthquake=107, also 163(reverse)
March 16th....3/16 or 16/3. 

Notice today is 4 months 4 days before 3/16 too. 

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