Saturday, November 18, 2017

Tommy Boy scene with Fake News-Masonic layout of Sandusky, Ohio

Earlier when I got off of work I turned on the tv and Tommy Boy was on. As I was watching it I noticed something I had never paid attention to before. 
They show us how the media/cops lie in their stories. Tommy Boy says, "Everyone Listen Up" and then the media/cops say that he hit them on the head with a hammer while robbing the bank. 

Then just after that part, Dan Akroyd's character tells "What the American Public doesn't know, is what makes them the american public". Later he says how Television is good for his lies...

Then to add more to the "Fake" theme, David Spade's Toupee gets blown off revealing that he's actually bald. 

Tommy Boy set in Sandusky, Ohio. Remember the town layout is that of the Freemasonic Compass. 

A lot of other things I have documented about this movie such as Tommy Boy attending Marquette University(Jesuit). 
He drops the American History Book with "239" on it. 
A lot more as it even had connections to Jerry Sandusky


  1. Great stuff Dan, as always...
    Check out Irish politician Gerry Adams who stepped down tomoght...322 days b4 his bday!
    Today is 322nd day.

  2. Blindspot season 2 episode 4 or 5 reveals a lot of truth to who actually carries out false flags.