Sunday, November 26, 2017

Frances Bean Cobain legal battle with ex husband Isaiah Silva over Kurt's guitar

Courtney set to appear in Court? 

Nirvana=34, 47(rev red), 79, 110(reverse)
Frances Cobain=79(rev red), 110
Isaiah Silva=47, 79(rev red), 110
Courtney Love born on 7/9. 
Murder=34, 79 
Nirvana=34, 79
Kurt died 3 months 4 days before Courtney's bday. 

Martin D-18E=132
Francis Bean Cobain=132

Kurt Cobain=114
Dave Grohl born on 1/14. 
Dave Grohl=65
Foo Fighters=65
Kurt Donald Cobain=65
Krist Novoselic=65 born in 65'. 
Grunge Music=65
Frances Cobain=65(s)
Isaiah Silva=65(s)

There's so much I've documented about Nirvana such as Kurt wearing the Flipper shirt that when "Flipped" shows a 911 and planes flying by buildings. 
Also all of the "Love" symbolism around him...Courtney Love, Love Buzz, Heart Shaped Box and so on..
He dies 45 days after his bday on 4/5. 
Valentines the 45th day....
Fifty Four=45, 54
Forty Five=45, 54

Weird Al's Smell's like Nirvana has Kurt Cobains head explode...
El Duce said that "Alan/Allen" murdered Kurt. A day later he played a show at "Al's Bar" and supposedly got hit by a train and died later that night. 
Layne Staley died exactly 8 years after Kurt Cobain on 4/5. 
Layne Staley=139 died 139 days before his bday. 

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