Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Rose McGowan Arrest Warrant-Marilyn Manson Coma White Video of JFK Assassination featuring McGowan-Children of God-Stand By Me(Film)-Lucas(Film)-Corey Feldman and more

Are They Trying to Silence Me=133
Rose McGowan=133

She has an arrrest warrant for an incident involving drugs near Washington DC in January? 
Washington DC=56
Rose McGowan=56(rev red)
Loudoun County=56
Interesting this incident happened the day Donald Trump took office. 

The incident happened 9 months 11 days ago on Flight 653? 
653 is the 119th prime number. 
All Seeing Eye=56, 119
Star of David=56, 119 and so on...

Haha so the Manhattan attack also happened on Trump's 9th month 11 day as president? Have to add that to the previous posts. 

The Arrest Warrant was on 2/1 the 32nd day of the year.  
McGowan=32(rev red)

Her father ran a chapter of the Children of it's perfect.  No wonder she is one of the main people in regards to Harvey Weinstein. 
Remember River Phoenix and family were part of that church. He even talked about how he lost his virginity at the age of 4. 
There was all kinds of messed up stuff in this religion, such as Jerking off pretending to be a woman fucked by Jesus so it's not Gay. When you have sex you are supposed to pretend your partner is Jesus. 
Children of God=231(reverse)

Ha, and River Phoenix even died on Halloween the same day this story comes out. He died exactly 24 years ago. 
River Jude Bottom=197, 208(Reverse)
Harvey Weinstein=197, 208(Reverse)

Think about Jerry O'Connell being on the Wendy Williams show today as well.....River Phoenix, Jerry O'Connell.....lately I've documented about Corey Feldman....If you Add "Wil Wheaton" we got the film "Stand by Me"....
Wil Wheaton=140(reverse)
Stand By Me=140(reverse)

Also remember Corey Haim got the part of River Phoenix's character on Stand by Me but turned it down as the same day he landed the part of "Lucas". 
Corey Feldman also said that Haim was molested on the set of Lucas. 

I'm telling you something is guiding me along and making me think or look some of this stuff up. Or I'm just literally picking up on the pattern somehow. Think about how I was talking about Child Molesting Priests at the end of May. Now sexual abuse is every story in the media it seems. What I was talking about had nothing to do with the media at the time either. Trying to think of what's so special about Stand By Me?  Train? Lollipop? Leeches? Dead Body? Keifer Sutherland?(Touch)

Think about Wil Wheaton too....He's on the Big Bang Theory which I just wrote about again in regards to New Jersey. Sheldon Cooper doesn't like him....
Movies I watched Water and Fire
The link above shows where I talked about River Phoenix because of some movies I randomly watched on 8/21. How interesting I kept mentioning "Water" and the film "Fire in the Sky". I never even put that together in regards to Hurricane Harvey Flooding Houston after 8/25. Also think about what Zach has been mentioning in regards to the World Series. The elements of Fire(LA Fires) and Water(Houston). 

The Guy who wrote Stand By Me the Song-Ben E. King died in Hackensack, New Jersey.....Remember I documented about the only other Hackensack in the US in Minnesota too. It's where 10 mile Lake is(Water)......

Rose McGowan also dated Marilyn Manson...How fitting to what I have been talking about. 
Go figure she was in his music video for Coma White which involved a reenactment of the JFK assassination. What did I just talk about on Zach's radio show? There is something special about Manson's new album and the number 10....

The video was controversial because it came out just after Columbine and the Death of JFK Jr. in a plane Seriously.
John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr=261
JFK=132(satanic).....  Jr. died 132 days after his bday. 
His dad died 3 days before his 3rd bday. 

I have to get some sleep but absolutely on point. This is why Rose McGowan is big in the Harvey Weinstein thing. She's connected to Marilyn Manson and the Children of God. 

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