Monday, November 6, 2017

Car crashes into Lion King actors bedroom-Obama-Kenya-Trump

My girlfriends family finally found a house and we have been moving them out bit by bit the last few days. We cleaned out the downstairs bedroom and made it a room for our daughter. We don't have dish network hooked up in her room so she has been watching dvds. When I got home tonight I went in to her room and she was watching "The Lion King". I didn't think anything of it until now seeing this article...and it also reminds me of the death of Robert Guillaume(Benson). He was also the voice of Rafiki in the Lion King. Also the story of "Beyonce" portraying "Nala". 

The Lion King=124

Simba=44, 91
Lion King=44(rev red), 91

Beyonce Knowles=168

JD McCrary=41 and 58(rev red)

The Lion King has a big connection to Obama. It's inspired by Hells Gate National Park in Kenya. Obama joked he was the Lion King, his father from Kenya.....
Kenya=231(satanic) and 56
The Lion King=56(rev red)
Then think about Donald Trump being the guy who got the Birth Certificate controversy going with Obama. 
Nairobi, Kenya=124
The Lion King=124

Also there was stuff going around a while back about Simba being Gay in the remake, but I don't think it was true. 

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