Sunday, November 19, 2017

TRU-Hoody Hooo-No Limit Records/Soldiers-Master P-Silkk The Shocker-C-Murder

I just mentioned Darius Rucker in my last post. Rucker aka "Hootie" reminded me of this song so I looked it up. 
Slave=59=Negro and so on. 
TRU was a group that involved Master P. 
Percy Miller=64, 136
Civil Rights=64, 136 and so on..

No Limit=38, 43(rev red), 92, 97(reverse)
Master P=38, 43(rev red), 92, 97(reverse)

Vyshonne King Miller=92(rev red)
Vyshonne Miller=92

The other guy in TRU was C-Murder who is in jail for murder. Although he's released multiple albums from prison. 

The murder took place at Harvey, Louisiana..
Steve Thomas=39, 60(rev red)
C-Murder born on 3/9. 

He was sentenced on a 10-2 verdict...

Look at that. No Limit Soldiers even involved in a sort of Cowboy theme in WCW as well. 
Silkk the Shocker stomping on a custom made Cowboy hat. Then a feud with the West Texas Rednecks...
Silkk the Shocker=231(reverse)

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