Thursday, November 2, 2017

Papa Johns says anthem protests made stock go down 8.5 Percent-JFK-USS Fitzgerald-USS John S. Mccain-220

Papa Johns says NFL Protests are hurting sales.....
Notice the founder of Papa Johns born exactly 2 years before JFK was assassinated. 
Someone in the comments on my video last night pointed out JFK and the USS Fitzgerald. Remmeber I was talking about the "Father" Priest stuff at that time and the child molesting priest in my town Father Howard.....Just makes me think about "Papa" and "Father". 
"JOHN" "Fitzgerald" Kennedy. 

Also interesting that only 1 of JFK's siblings is still alive. 
Notice she was born on 2/20....I mentioned 220 a bunch in regards to the USS Fitzgerald story. 
The Crash supposedly happened at 2:20am. 
We got the Otto Warmbier story around this same time, and he died at 2:20. 
Donald John Trump=220(reverse)
Paul III founded the Jesuits was the 220th Pope. 
Pope Francis bday is 2 months 20 days after the Jesuit anniversary. 
The same day as the eclipse we got the story of the USS John S. Mccain collision too. It was named after John McCain's Grandpa. 
John McCain was on the USS Enterprise that picked up John Glenn from Friendship 7 on 2/20/62. 

Papa Johns President Steve Ritchie says the stock dropped 8.5 percent....
National Football League=85
Steve Ritchie=143
Papa Johns=143(reverse)
This story comes on 11+1+17=29

This story comes 3 months 3 days before Super Bowl 52...
Notice Papa Johns currently in it's 33rd year of business too. 

It's actually called "Papa John's Pizza"=65
John Schnatter=65

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