Sunday, November 26, 2017

Death of Ron Howard's Father-Nebraska fires Mike Riley-Michael J. Fox-Atlantis

This story interests me as just yesterday I brought up Darren Arthur Daulton...D.A.D. again and talked about the Father/Jesuit symbolism. Now today we get the death of Ron Howard's Dad. 

Rance Howard was in some interesting movies thinking about today as well. We got the news of Nebraska's coach Mike Riley being fired today. Lots of Nebraska's fans want Scott Frost to come back and coach. 
Rance is in the film Nebraska about traveling to Lincoln and also I see a movie called "Frost/Nixon". Possibly nothing but it's the first thing I think when I see his movie list. Also CNN lists them next to each other in the article. 
Lincoln=38(rev red)
Scott Frost=38
Mike Riley fired after a 19-19 record(38). 
Mike Riley=55(rev red)
Nebraska=55(rev red), 145(reverse)
Iowa Hawkeyes=55, 145(Riley fired after Iowa loss). 
Frost Nixon=55
Nixon the 37th president...Nebraska the 37th state? 
Gerald Ford the 38th president is also from Lincoln. 

Ron Howard even born on the 87th anniversary of Nebraska becoming a State. 

Scott Frost former team the Oregon Ducks even blew out Mike Riley's former team the Oregon State Beavers today 69-10. 

A long time ago I talked about all the Mike Riley stuff and how it was connected to Teen Wolf. The film has Nebraska Cornhusker stuff in the background yet wasn't filmed or set in Nebraska. The mascot on the movie is the Beavers based off of the Oregon State Beavers mascot and so on...

Michael J Fox=56(rev red)
He is currently 56 years old. 
Marty McFly=136
Mike Riley=136(rev red)
Civil Rights=136.....Think about Lincoln in regards to Civil Rights. 
Michael J. Fox also is Milo on Atlantis: The Lost Empire. 
Milo Thatch=161(reverse)
Michael Andrew Fox=161
Atlantis: The Lost Empire=261
Parkinsons Disease=261(reverse)

I mention all of this because Ron Howard directed the film Cocoon which was supposed to be directed by Robert Zemeckis(Back to the Future). Also this film is about Atlantis reminding me of Michael J. Fox. 

Who knows I guess just documenting some thoughts. 

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