Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Charlie Rose suspended for Sexual harassment-Charles Manson Interview-Kid Rock Simpsons episode with Charlie Rose-Cowboy-Flag

Another "Charlie" in the news now. 

So he was in the House of Cards(Trump-Kevin Spacey)

Also interesting the Simpsons episode Charlie Rose was in I documented on 1/28/17 in regards to Kid Rock and him saying Fuck Colin Kaepernick. 
Kid Rock Fuck Colin Kaepernick Post
Kid Rock=316(Satanic)
Jesus Christ=316(Hebrew) also 10(Hebrew red), 37(Hebrew Ordinal)....Remember with the Big Bang Theory stuff I was saying 37 a number important to Jesus. "God"=10="Satan"
Charles Milles Maddox=316(says he was Jesus and the Devil)
He was born on the 316th day and dies 3 months and 16 days after the anniversary of the TATE killing. 
Think about "John 3:16" too. 
Think about Kid Rock too....COWBOY. 
Lane Graves=166(reverse) ate by alligator on Trump's bday. 
Trump's bday is Flag Day. 
Kid Rock=166(Jewish)
The Big Bang Theory=166=Flag and so on...
Manson dies age 83 and so on...

Charlie Rose known for his interview with Charles Manson...lol give me a break. His Charlie Rose show even originally out of Dallas, Texas that I just documented about. 
Notice the Simpsons episode above is season 11 episode 19. 
Charles Manson dies on 11/19. 

Think about it too. Charlie ROSE....Rose McGowan dated Marilyn Manson and in his Coma White video about JFK assassination. Marilyn Manson half named in honor of Charles Manson. 

I really have to go to bed, but I'll think more about this tomorrow. So many interrelated stories lately it's hard to keep up. 

Robert James Ritchie=117(red rev)(kid rocks real name)
Born on 1/17. 
Josepha Calleja=117(Joe C's name)

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