Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Lou Diamond Phillips arrested for DUI in Texas-Young Guns-Keifer Sutherland-Diamonds-Zenith of the Alpha's video/info

Zenith of the Alpha, America showed me this in his video. 
Richard Dreyfuss' son Harry Dreyfuss said that Kevin Spacey sexually abused him in 2008. This story came out the same day as the Church Shooting in Sutherland Springs...
Just want to document it, so I don't forget it. 
Dreyfuss was the the grown up Gordie on on Stand By Me. 
Zenith video of Richard Dreyfuss-Kevin Spacey-Stand By Me-Church Shooting

Also earlier when I got off work I noticed that "Young Guns" was on Dish Network. I was like go figure a Kiefer Sutherland movie. Anyway it reminds me that Lou Diamond Phillips who also stars in the that film just got arrested for OWI in TEXAS. Sutherland Springs, Texas Shooting. Phillips arrested in Texas? 
Will we see Charlie Sheen or Emilio Estevez in the media soon? 
La Bamba is what I think of him the most from as well....and Ritchie Valens dying in Iowa....

So I just went downstairs a second ago and my bathroom light blew out as I was peeing. I was like WTF and changed the lightbulb. Then I walked to the kitchen and clothes fell off the chair onto the floor and I'm positive I didn't bump into them. Crazy wish I had it on video. It was just after I started making a video and put the Lou Diamond Phillips thing together in my head too. I stopped and gonna redo the video tomorrow though as I'm too tired and it wasn't organized enough. 

As I was looking up Diamonds and reminded of the Blue Monkey diamond on Looney Tunes Back in Action I got this message. Just as I got this message about diamonds the TV commerical said diamonds. I'm telling you this happens multiple times a day to me. I'm amazed by it everytime still too as I can't explain how it always happens. 
Anyway I really have to get some sleep. I'll think about this tomorrow though and hopefully put a video out tomorrow night. 

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  1. diamond 33 of course in reduction. But what is interesting is that "diamond" is also 26...4+1+1+4+7+5+4 = 26 (Chaldean)