Friday, November 10, 2017

A video about "Stand By Me" the first thing on my Facebook feed last night/early this morning.

So last night my best friend was in town/in the area. He called me to come to the bar where he was, so I went. After the bar closed we came back to my house and he wanted to show me something on Facebook and logged into his account. He was talking about LiAngelo Ball in China and I started telling him a bunch of the stuff I blog about. I was telling him all about the Stand by Me connections lately and how it's all been in the news. Anyway after he logged out of Facebook, I logged back in and this was the the top thing on my Feed.  
A guy playing the song "Stand By Me" on the Saxophone? I showed my friend and he was amazed. I told him this stuff happens to me all the time as it does. Just glad that someone else got to witness it in real time with me. 

Just a thought but I just noticed something about Stand By Me in Gematria..
Stand By Me=50(rev red)
Wil Wheaton=50(rev red)
Dan Behrendt=50
This also happened on my birthday 11/10/2017. 
Roy Halladay=50
Cappie=50(Sheen's character in Lucas)
Possibly there is something to do with the number "50" I am supposed to understandt? 
50 States.....Hawaii(Obama) the 50th State. 
Washington=50(rev red)
Fifty=24(rev red)
Twenty Four=50

Also Michael Jackson Died age 50....just thinking about him in regards to Corey Feldman stuff. 

San Francisco=50......All the Bay references in the previous post...

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