Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Death of Charles Manson-American Flag-NFL-Death of Terry Glenn-Cowboy Theme-Kyrie Irving 47 points against "Dallas"-TEX Watson-Flat Earth

Since the Charles Manson stuff is connected to the national anthem I figured I would look up the Flag. Remember the Flag is important to the coding that's been used. 
Flag Day is even on 6/14 which is Donald Trump's birthday. 

Anyway we just had Charles Manson die age 83. 
Charles Manson=83(e)
American Horror Story Cult just aired the 83rd episode based on him. 

If you go from 8/3 to the day Manson died it's 3 months 16 days. 
Charles Milles Maddox=316(reverse)
Born on the 316th day of the year. 
He died 77 days before the Super Bowl.
Helter Skelter=77
Charles Milles Manson=77 
The Flag made official in 1777. 
Anyway notice the first time the Flag was used in Battle was on 8/3...1777. 
Red White and Blue=83(rev red)

The guy who designed the first official flag is Francis Hopkinson. 
Francis Hopkinson=83, 88(rev red)
Kneel=88=Colin Kaepernick=The Star Spangled Banner=Great Garrison Flag=Trump=US Bank Stadium=Rise Up

Roger Stokoe Goodell=88(rev red)
He was selected to be commissioner on 8/8. 

The famous Tate Murders happened on 8/9 but the events leading to it began on 8/8 with the murders after midnight. 

Francis Hopkinson dies 231 days(end date) after his birthday. 
National Anthem=231(reverse)

Charles Manson also had ties with Beach Boy Dennis Wilson who died in 83'. 

Also interesting that Sharon Tate was born in Dallas, Texas. 
Murdered by "Tex" Watson. 

I've been mentioning a Cowboy theme. The day after Charles Manson dies we get former # 83 for the Dallas Cowboys death as well. 

Glenn dies 8 months 3 days before his bday. 
Dies in "Irving"=83(reverse)

Notice Terry Glenn also wore # 88 in his career. This was when he played for the Patriots lol. Think about that in regards to all the not standing during the national anthem...being unpatriotic. 
The other team he played for was the Packers who were the first team Kaepernick didn't stand against. 
There's a whole can of worms with this death. 
Notice he was born in Columbus, Ohio and dies in Irving, Texas....
Washington Irving popularized the Flat Earth. 
Also it reminds me of the death of astronaut John Glenn last year who died in Columbus, Ohio.
Washington Irving=92, 209
Charles Manson=209(reverse)
Christopher Columbus=92

Mr. Flat Earth....Kyrie IRVING also had a huge game tonight as the Celtics beat DALLAS. 
Dallas Cowboys=102
Dallas Mavericks=102(rev red)
Tex Watson=102(reverse)
Sharon Marie Tate Polanski=102
Manson died 102 days after 8/9(Tate Murder)
11/19 is the 323rd day. Manson's first encounter with Tate was on 3/23/69. 
Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward born on 3/23. 
Labianca=323(satanic) other murders. 

Kyrie Andrew Irving=212.....110+102=212
All of the Dallas stuff fitting for the JFK theme that is interrelated to Charles Manson(Marilyn Manson). 

Glenn also caught Tom Brady's first NFL TD Pass. Glenn played for Ohio State. Brady the Michigan man. He dies just before Michigan plays Ohio State. 

A few other interesting things....
The Beatles White Album=1611(Jewish), 911(satanic)
KJV written in 1611....

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