Friday, November 17, 2017

Death of Mafia Boss Salvatore "Toto" Riina-More about the Salvator Mundi-Saviour of the World

Toto Riina=59(rev red)
Mafia Boss=59(rev red)

I clicked on this article last night/early this morning. 
The thing I find most interesting is his real name is "Salvatore". 
I just covered the Da Vinci painting called the "Salvator Mundi" too. I wasn't going to blog about the Salvator Mundi article, but  it never went away. I saw it on CNN, then I went to Facebook and it was there. Then I went to Yahoo and it was on there. Then I was talking to my girlfriend and the TV started talking about the Salvator Mundi so I figured I'd look at the story. 
So I wonder if there is something to do with that word "Salvatore" that I am supposed to understand? 

Salvator/Salvatore means Saviour/Savior. 
It makes me think about the country El Salvador as well? 
Possibly we will get an Earthquake story there as it's seemingly been a quake area lately?(Mexico, Costa Rica)

Toto makes me think of the song "Africa" as well...It even mentions Salvation in the lyrics. The rains in Africa....thinking about the water symbolism...
Africa=29, 43(rev red), 38, 124(reverse)
Jesus Christ=43

Also thinking about Dorothy's Dog on the Wizard of OZ..."Toto"..

So literally just as I re looked up the Salvator Mundi the TV said, Jesus. It was a Chris Hart comedy act that was on after Tommy Boy on Comedy Central. 

This led me to notice something about the Salvator Mundi I didn't see before. 

Salvator Mundi means "Saviour of the World". 
Notice the Gematria of 231...this number I have been seeing a lot since the death of Ralphie May. 
Also note the 87 like the age Toto Riina died...and 93(Saturn). 
Jesus supposedly died on the cross on 4/3 the 93rd day. 
This is possibly why the Da Vinci painting looks like Transgender Jesus.....
Some say that Saturn is the same as Baphomet(transgendered) and so on..

Also all the other versions that I have seen of the Salvator Mundi have Jesus holding an Orb with a Cross on the top of it. The Da Vinci one didn't have the cross, only the orb. 
The orb is supposed to represent the Earth as well. 

Here is the Da Vinci cross
Orb and Cross=47 and 513(satanic)
Angel Gabriel=231(reverse), 513(satanic)
Remember 5/13 an important date to the Virgin Mary and Gabriel telling her she would birth Jesus and so on..
The cross is Time, so is Da Vinci showing the world not binded by Time? A world that isn't upside down? 

Others have pointed out that the orb doesn't distort the way natural physics do in the Da Vinci painting. Notice the example they show here is the world upside down in the orb....As Above So Below....Heaven Upside Down. 

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