Thursday, November 16, 2017

Charles Manson hospitalized days after his 83rd birthday-Football-Rise Up

It would make sense if he dies age 83. I've been saying how he is connected to Football and the kneeling during the national anthem stuff. Although they said he might die last year around this same time too so we will see. 
Remember Paul McCartney played the halftime show at Super Bowl 39 when the Patriots beat the Eagles. Which we could possibly see for Super Bowl 52 as well. I haven't looked at hardly anything regarding the NFL this year though. 
Charles Manson=52
Last year we got the Blackbird(Falcons) in the Super Bowl. Remember Blackbird is the song Manson said was about telling the Blacks to rise up against the Whites. 
"Rise Up" has been used by the Falcons since 2010 when Samuel L. Jackson encouraged the city to Rise Up. I'm reminded of some of his movies where he portrays the black guy who hates white people too....such as "Die Hard with a Vengeance" and Lakeview Terrace.....

If the Eagles do make the Super Bowl this year it has to be connected to Michael Vick playing for the Falcons and making his comeback with the Eagles. 
Of course there's also the Chip Kelly(49ers/Kaepernick/Eagles) and Andy Reid and Doug Pederson both connected to the Chiefs/Eagles. The only team the Eagles have lost to this year is the Chiefs currently too. 


  1. I was thinking Charles Manson might die soon when you were making those connections with Hugh Hefner's death, Marilyn Monroe and the Marilyn Manson accident.

  2. He dies on 11/18 on his 30,322th day of life on the 322 day of the year..

  3. ESPN releases an article stating Vick made his last payment for his 17m debt.

  4. ESPN releases an article stating Vick made his last payment for his 17m debt.