Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Trump calls on NFL to suspend Marshawn Lynch-Super Bowl 49 recap

LYNCH....just think about that...
Marshawn Lynch=60, 159
Oakland Raiders=60
Donald Trump=60(rev red), 159
He stood for the Mexican National Anthem but not the US. 
Mexicans=88=Trump=The Star Spangled Banner=Kneel and so on. 
Of course it was a game against the PATRIOTS with him being unpatriotic. 
Remember Super Bowl 49 where the Seahawks lost to the Patriots because they didn't run the ball with Lynch and instead threw the super rigged interception on 2nd and 1. 
Lynch wore # 24 he had 24 carries in the game and the Seahawks lost with 24 points. 
Malcolm=24 Terel=24 Butler=24 intercepted the pass.
Twenty Four=49(rev red)...SB 49. 

Butler # 21 fell to the ground with 21 seconds left after he interecepted the ball on 2nd and 1 on Russell Wilson's 21st pass in the Super Bowl played on 2/1. 

Marshawn Lynch=614(satanic)
Flag Day on 6/14 which is Donald Trump's bday. 

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