Friday, November 17, 2017

Rapper Lil Peep dies age 21 on 11/15/17

Emo=33(they call his style Emo Rap/Hip Hop). 
Lil Peep=39, 33(rev red), 75, 114(reverse)
Notice how CNN makes sure to let us know the police were called just before 9pm and then make sure to tell us it was 11pm ET. I mean why even write that in the article? 
He's from New York..
New York=39, 111.....he was born on 11/1.
He dies in Arizona...
Twenty One=39(rev red)
Tuscon=34(rev red)
Rapper=34(rev red)

Lil Peep was like the rap scenes Kurt Cobain? 
Kurt Cobain=114
Lil Peep=114(reverse)

Lil Peep=75
He dies 75 days after releasing his Debut Album on 9/1 according to CNN. 

The Album however was surprised released on 8/15. 
Which was 92 days before he died. 
Lil Bo Peep=92

Fox News reports his death as the Ex of Bella Thorne. 

He dies 38 days after her birthday..

I'm sure there is something special about his tattoos as well. Notice he has Lisa Simpson, The Pink Panther, Anarchy Sign, Crybaby and many others. 

Lisa Simpson makes me think of the episode where she is president after Trump. 

Also something in regards to how most of the world are just Sheep...

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  1. Thank you posting this article.

    I just set this lil peep wallpaper on my PC to remember him.

    He will be missed.