Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Manhattan Attack-some thoughts about New Jersey

A 29 year old Suspect in Manhattan? 
Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov=111
New York=111, 78(reverse)
October=78, 111(reverse)
Sayfullo Saipov=185(reverse)
Donald John Trump=185
World Trade Center=185

Halloween=41, 40(rev red)
Manhattan Attack=40
Remember all the 9/11 stuff connected to 41 as well(previous posts)
Just interesting how many times I mentioned a connection to 9/11 in regards to baseball and now we got an attack the same day as Game 6. The Series now going to game 7 on 11/1...
The Car in Charlottesville was a Dodge.
Interesting Saipov was from New Jersey a place I mentioned on the blog but wasn't sure the point of it.
We had the New Jersey TWIN turbo airplane crash on May 14th. 
Wendy Williams also from New Jersey. Remember Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory mentioned the Dodgers and flew from LA to New Jersey and Jim Parson's in the film "Garden State" about a man who does the same. I mentioned that in regards to "Houston" and NBA stuff though....We'll see what happens tomorrow night in Game 7. 
New Jersey=124..

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