Sunday, November 19, 2017

Country Music Star Mel Tillis dies-some other thoughts on previous posts about Country Music-Kane Brown-Clint Black-Garth Brooks-Darius Rucker

Country Music Star=103(rev red)
Mel Tillis dies 103 days after his bday. 

I'm really only documenting this story as it is fitting with the Cowboy theme I've mentioned.
Lonnie Melvin Tillis=90, 261(reverse)
261 is really important to many things I have seen this year and I have yet to fully understand it. 

He also joined the service to fight in the Korean War....The Korean War is also fitting for multiple things I have documented this year in connection to the Jesuits. 
Mel Tillis=132(reverse)
Catholic Church=132
Roman Catholic=132

He's also known for his stutter he got from Malaria as a boy. 
Stutter=48(rev red)
Mel Tillis=48

All of the racism type stuff in the media mixed with a cowboy theme makes me think of Clint "Black".  Possibly nothing at all, but I noticed he will turn 56 years old the day of Super Bowl 52. 
Clint Patrick Black=66
Clint Black=33, 42, 66(rev red)   born on 2/4 or 4/2. 
His first album is called "Killin Time" and his music origin is out of Katy, Texas which is in the Houston area. 
Country Music=55....he's 55 years old...
Who knows, but there is a big connection to these "cowboys/country music". 

Garth Brooks is also 55 years old old right now. He was just in the news for lip syncing at the Country Music Awards. 
Kane Brown on Conan O'brien
Also I documented about Kane Brown back in October. 
Kane Brown=103
What ifs=103
Funny I mentioned the singer of Creed in that post and his bday of 8/8. 
Anthony Scott Flippen=90, 261(reverse)
Lonnie Melvin Tillis=90, 261(reverse)
They were both born on 8/8......hmmm. 

Or possibly there is something to do with Darius Rucker...The now Black Country musician? 

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