Monday, November 27, 2017

Weird thing- Yahoo knew I was talking about Area Rugs? Tom Cruise Oblivion

I didn't get a screen shot of it because it's not there anymore after clicking on it.....anyway about an hour ago my girlfriend and I were talking about tearing up the carpet in our dining room and just putting down an Area Rug until we can fully fix the floor. I was getting annoyed because it makes no sense to do this. She did this to our upstairs bedroom too and we still haven't fixed it, so it's just a dumb idea I told her. 
Anyway I just finished a blog post and figured I'd look to see if any other stories attracted my attention and went to Over on the side bar it says #1 trending thing is "Area Rugs". 
Now how in the world is that possible? My computer doesn't even have a built in microphone unless my webcam is hooked up. This stuff happens all the time, such as talking about something and then it shows up in the ads on Facebook or just first in my feed. There has to be some way they are listening to conversations and if they are doing this with ads imagine what else can be done. Area Rug=118(reverse) and 316(satanic)
My last post had a lot to do with 118....and 316 is important to Jesus/Charles Manson and something I've been seeing a lot of lately. 
 Ha so as I'm typing this up our new cat named Cloud jumped back up on my lap. 
I figured I would type in Cloud on the gematrinator and right as I typed it the TV said "Pussycat". (Looney Tunes/Slyvester is on). 
Cloud=19, 26(rev red), 55, 80(reverse) 230(satanic)
Satan=55, 80(reverse), 230(satanic)

What's even more messed up about all this is....after I saw the Area Rugs #1 trend I randomly thought I would experiment. No idea why I chose Tom Cruise, but I just randomly started saying "Tom Cruise" and talking about some of his movies to see if when I refreshed the page it would show something about Tom Cruise. It didn't show anything....but now I'm looking at him noticing he's currently 55 years old....
Thomas Cruise Mapother IV=316(reverse)
Now that I'm thinking about it too, Tom Cruise is in Oblivion that I was talking about months ago in regards to the 2017 Super Bowl....
Just weird stuff. 

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