Friday, November 10, 2017

Roy Moore the Cowboy accused of sexual assault-more Cowboy symbolism

The newest Sexual allegations stiry is Roy Moore. Notice they picture him with a cowboy hat. I saw some other stuff where he rode a horse to the Polls in September. 
Roy Moore=124
Now think about this in regards to what I have been documenting in the last few days. 
Young Guns-Tombstone-The Wild West.
Now we get a new sexual allegations story on a "Cowboy" type guy. 
Last year this would've made me think the "Cowboys" will be in the Super Bowl, but the themes in November the last 2 years were connected to the next World Series. So we will see what happens this year and if the Cowboy theme continues throughout. The only baseball team I can think of with a Cowboy connection is possibly the Texas Rangers....Chuck Norris(Big Bang Theory 73) and Walker Texas Ranger. 

I see Chuck Norris' real name is Carlos and Corey Haim died on his 70th birthday.  Carlos Estevez(Charlie Sheen)
Cordell Walker=58, 139 and 77(rev red)  He's 77 years old. 
Chuck Norris=58, 139
Freemasonry=58, 139
Also thinking about more Cowboy stuff the date of 3/10 reminds me of 3:10 To Yuma....


  1. Makes me think of John Wayne. Of course, there's John Wayne Gacy and John Wayne Bobbit. And if you are bored, just do a John Wayne Sex Offender and there are literally dozens upon dozens of John Waynes on the registry.

  2. watching your video made us think of the movie "space cowboys" - which connects to the big space theme, astros, etc. that you have been tapped into all year. and donald sutherland is in that movie, with Russia at the center of the script. has the wild west, young guns, kiefer sutherland connections.

  3. OSU Cowboys

    Head Coach: Josh Holliday