Saturday, January 28, 2017

Kid Rock F**K Colin Kaepernick-166 short post

I was thinking about Space Cowboy and for some reason I thought of Kid Rock and his song "Cowboy". 
Kid Rock was the reason Donald Trump was roasted.
Rock also born on 1/17/71 which was the same day the Colts beat the Cowboys in SB 5. 
Kid Rock=166(Jewish)
Fuck Colin Kaepernick=88
The Star Spangled Banner=88
I remembered on 9/9 Kid Rock said Fuck Colin Kaepernick at his concert at Fenway Park. 
Fenway Park in BOSTON. 

This concert happened 150 days before SB 51.
Robert Ritchie=150(Kid Rock's real name)

Kid Rock also performed at the halftime show of SB 38 in Houston. This is where Janet Jackson's boob got exposed. 

The only episode of the Simpsons that Kid Rock was on is called "Kill the Alligator and Run"....who knows just sticks out to me in regards to the Boy ate by the Alligator on Donald Trump's bday. 

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