Thursday, February 9, 2017

Super Bowl 51...some extra 25 stuff I noticed. Touchback's 25 yard line in 2016

I'm listening to the Gematria Effect rerun and Derek(spelling?) was talking about 25 and how the Colts and the Vikings both didn't make the playoffs after games of losing with 25 points. 
So the Super Bowl was on 2/5. 
The AFC got their 25th win in a Superbowl. 
The Patriots came back from 25 points. 
Matt Ryan fumbles the ball and the Patriots get the ball on the 25 yard line. 
The Patriots win because of James White # 25 score. 
Go back and listen to OT. The announcers tell us starting on the 25 yard line, then let us know James White just turned 25 years old. 
The thing everyone is talking about on Facebook is the Clip where they showed "Patriots win Super Bowl with a Touchdown"...anyway they showed that clip when the Patriots were on the 25 yard line. 
Patriots won by "Six"=25
It was the 25th playoff win for Tom Brady and also his 34th playoff game. The Patriots score 34 points to win. 
Anyway look at the first drive of the game. The Patriots started at the 25 yard line, and got 9 yards so they finished the Drive on the 34 yard line. ..25 and 34.    3 plays for 9 yards...Tom Brady is 39. 
25th prime is 97....It's the 97th season of the NFL. 
When Matt Ryan fumbled on the 25 it was recovered by # 97 of the Patriots. 
Ninety Seven=53, 152=Super Bowl LI

The reason this is important is because earlier in 2016 the NFL decided to change the Touchback rule to start at the 25 yard line instead of the 20 yard line.. It was on 3/23...the 83rd day. 
Some other 25's that were interesting is
Jolene=25(Dolly Parton..Tennessee fire 119)

I was also thinking about how 2017 is the 306th prime number...the 306th day of the year is November 2nd...11/2. 
Cubs won on 11/2. 


When it's only 14-0 they tell us the largest comeback in Super Bowl history is 10 points 3 times. 
Notice it's 3rd and 9. 
Remember in "The Town" Simpsons episode it was all about 10 and 39 as well. 
61 yard pass..."Thirty Nine=61
Ball on the 39 yard line with 10 seconds left. The Boston Americans had 10 points in the first half. 


  1. Did you see Saint Patrick's Day Parade was pulled back from the 17th to the 11th in Seattle? 113. So many signs showing a false flag there