Wednesday, February 15, 2017

My girlfriend's 1st Ultrasound..possible Twins

I just got home from work and had to blog this..
Last night I posted about how there seems to be some type of Twin theme, but I didn't mention how my girlfriend was pregnant. When we first found out she was pregnant we asked our daughter Claire if she would rather have a brother or a sister. She said she wanted both, and ever since I've been joking to my girlfriend how she is gonna have twins because Claire wants it. I didn't even think about it last night as I was blogging. 
Anyway while I was at work my girlfriend had her first ultrasound. When she got done she came and told me that she will know for sure on Friday, but they told her they are pretty sure it's Twins...I mean really?  I don't know all of the details of why they said that or why they won't be absolutely positive until Friday but my mind is just blown regardless. I didn't really think it would even come close to happening which is why I was joking about it. We will see on Friday I guess, but truly amazing if so. 

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