Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Alan Thicke dead at 69...Kirk Cameron..Growing Pains...Wiki missing episode 51 of Growing Pains...Fuller House...Thomas E Dewey 1948 Election..Super Bowl 51...Luck..Jesus..Lucifer..Trump

Alan Willis Thicke=69
Dies age 69. 

He's mostly known for playing Jason Seaver on the show Growing Pains. 
Alan Thicke=39, 84
Jason Seaver=39, 129
United States of America=84

He dies 9 months 12 days after his bday. 
Growing Pains=912

I love how they mention Kirk Cameron and Fuller House at the end of the CNN article. 
I'm sure there's a big connection to "Left Behind" in regards to Donald Trump and the End of the World type stuff they've been recently coding. 

I remember from a long time ago that on the show "Full House" that episode 88 is called "Fuller House". 
Kirk Cameron is 46 years old right now and his sister Candace is born on 4/6. 

So I went to Wikipedia to look at the episodes of Growing Pains. I noticed they skip episode 51 on Wikipedia? 
Now I'm sure there's a puzzle for Super Bowl 51 as well. 
First thing that comes to mind in regards to Football. 
Growing Pains=912
He dies 9 months 12 days after his bday. 
Andrew Luck born on 9/12. 

On Putlocker it shows the 51st episode being called "A Star is Born". 
In regards to Football when I think of a STAR I think of the Dallas Cowboys. 
A star is born=136

Interesting episode names around it as well. 

Taking Care of Business(Cubs..also Donald Trump's entrance song on his Comedy Central Roast)

MichaelGate(All of the Gates in media recently/Trump Wall)

Big Brother's Not Watching(Orwell 1984)

Look at that...the high school on the show Growing Pains is called Thomas E Dewey High. 

Remember this guy? He's the guy who lost to Truman in the 1948 election. The biggest election upset in American history. The election they were coding in regards to Trump beating Hillary. 
Thomas Dewey=48, 138
Donald Trump=48, 138
Truman the only president to die age 88.

In regards to SB 51 and the connections to the year 71' Notice he died 58 days after SB 5(1971). He also died in Miami where SB 5 was held. 
Harry Truman=58 was born on 5/8 
He was the 33rd president. 
Truman died in Kansas City....
Wouldn't it be funny if SB 51 turned out to be the Chiefs because of this? There's a lot of different scenarios I could think off of this though.... Bart STARR (Packers) was the MVP of SB 1 beating the Chiefs....
Remember when the Chiefs blew the 28 point lead to the Colts in 2014 as well. 
So much more but some things to think about....

Notice Dewey was also an Alumni of the University of Michigan who won the College Football Championship in 1948. 
I'd also like to point out he died on the 75th day of the year. 
Indianapolis Colts=75
Minnesota Vikings=75
He was known for being the 47th Governor of New York. 
SB 51 will be the 47th Modern Era SB. (Giants?)
He was also born on the 83rd day of the year. 

In Episode 51 of Growing Pains Mike is in the school play called "Our Town". 

Our Town written by Thornton Wilder. 
Thornton Wilder=78
He dies age 78. 
Also dies on 12/7....That special number to this year(Native Americans and more)
He also died in the year 75'. 

I'm not sure what sport but on the episode the "Coach" is also the teacher in charge of the school play. He runs a Football play on the board in this image though so I'm assuming he is the Football coach. 
His name is Coach Lubbock. 

It reminds me of Lubbock Texas which is the 83rd most populous US City. 

This place also famous for the Lubbock Lights that were seen over the city in 1951. It's one of the first great UFO cases in the United States. 
Lubbock Lights=51

When the play begins this kid comes out to introduce the story and completely sucks at it. It's funny though what he mentions...He mentions streaks of Light and the Morning Star. 
A Star is Born....
Jesus is the Bright Morning Star. 
Lucifer means the Morning Star. 
If you look up the Word LUCK(like Andrew) you find that many people believe the word is connected to Lucifer(whether it is or not) it's still interesting to think about. 
Luck=233(Jewish)  233 the 51st prime number. 

The Final part of the episode Mike Looks up and sees a shooting star and the episode ends. 

The best part about all of this is something that happened to me today at work. 
My boss took a phone order for a pizza and she wrote the name "Kamern". The town I live in is so small I know just about everyone and I wondered who in the world is "Kamern". Well it turns out it was for a person named "Cameron" and I gave her crap about being a bad speller lol. 

Now the first story I see on CNN is connected to Kirk Cameron. 
Cameron=33, 69
Alan Thicke=69
Dies age 69. 
Kamern=26, 62 
I also think of Brexit and David Cameron..

Thickes famous son Robin born on the 69th day of the year. 

Also in regards to Growing Pains I'm reminded of Leonard Dicaprio. He also got super famous after the film Titantic(James Cameron). Anyway his latest film is "The Revenant" that came out on Christmas 2015 in the US.  Notice it's about a frontiersmen experience in 1823. I just posted about the Black Santa and the story of the Reindeer becoming famous in 1823 by "The Night before Christmas". 
A Star is Born....(Jesus Bday Christmas...well you know what I mean). 
The Revenant=51

Alan Thicke=197 (Jewish)
Once again reminding us of "Prince"=197
The 45th prime is 197. 
Trump to be the 45th president. 
Valentines Day on the 45th day. 

On Yahoo it tells us he dies playing Hockey with his son. Notice he is wearing the Mighty Ducks Jersey and the others guys wearing the Kings jerseys. 
Los Angeles California=197
So it's fitting for Thicke to be born on 3/1. 
Possibly it's showing us the Dallas STARS (Hockey Team). 

The episode of Fuller House that he was on is called "Mom Interference". 
Funny part is just before they show this kid wearing the # 39 Football uniform another guy named Fernando Talks about Luck. Then he bends over cause he finds a Penny on the ground and he's wearing only a robe and exposes his butt to the family.  
Good Luck=88
39 also the number super connected to New York. 

Notice this whole season also came out on Netflix on 12/9 or 9/12. 

Think about it...Bacon...Pigs...Pigskin...Football. They even tell the kid just before this that Bacon comes from Pigs. 

Have to admire that Space picture in the kitchen too. No way they don't put Saturn on it either. 

Had to put that 33 in the episode as well. 

Seventy Two=42, 168

Before everything he says. He says "Mike Here". 
Mike Here=47, 74
Mike=29....He even later mentions how DJ's kid needs Football. 

Later he mentions in Hindu they call this Kismet. 

Kismet means Fate...has ties to LUCK. 
Kismet=23, 32, 41, 77
Superbowl=41, 131

Andrew Luck=112
Indianapolis Colts=192
Andrew Austen Luck=192


  1. Hi Dan...
    With regard to the Super Bowl/Royal connection -
    You've probably heard the term "51st State" in respect to the UK being Americas 51st state, maybe a connection.
    Lady Gaga/Houston = 31
    51st Prime = 233 (Two Three Three) = 170/71, Camilla born 7/17 (233=13th Fibonacci number).
    (Camilla Parker Bowles)= 79, Super = 79, or a play on words "Super Bowles" = 47 She was born in 1947.
    "Parker" = 33/69 "Texas" = 69/15 (Camilla will still be age 69)
    "Bowles" = 22/76 "Five One" = 76
    Camilla's b/day is 203 days before the Super Bowl
    "Fifty First State" Eng Ord = 203
    "five one state" Eng Red = 51
    "Camilla" Eng Ord = 51

  2. 3 years 8 months(38=Death) and 17 Days(17=Kill) since the release of Blurred Lines on 3/26/13.

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  4. The Film " A Star is Born" with Judy Garland Released Sep. 29th , 1954. 33 Years and 29 Days Before The Growing Pains" 51st Episode "A Star is Born." Oct. 27 1987.

    Thicke= 29

    1987-1954= .. 33 ..

    1987-1969= .. 18 ..

    33+18= .. 51 ..

    Judy Garland's Real Name is Frances Ethel Gumm. She passed in 1969 at Age 47. (Thicke Dead @ 69).

    Thicke Gumm" in the English Reduction system equals 47

    1987-1969= .. 18 ..

    Eighteen" in the English Reduction system equals 46

    Eighteen" in the English Ordinal system equals 73

    Sacrifice" in the English Reduction system equals 46

    A Star is Born" in the English Reduction system equals 46

    A Star is Born" in the English Gematria system equals 703

    Frances Ethel Gumm" in the English Reduction system equals 71 / 80

    Growing Pains" in the English Reduction system equals 71 / 80