Friday, February 3, 2017

Beyonce pregnant with Twins-Destiny's Child-Kelly Rowland-some other stuff possibly connected to SB 51

We got the news on 2/1 that Beyonce is pregnant with twins. Have to love how they refer to her as a Queen. I've been saying for 2 years that Beyonce-Kanye-Taylor Swift is connected to Queen Elizabeth II. They even called Taylor Swift the Queen of the VMA's and more..
Queen Elizabeth II=168
Beyonce Knowles=168
Taylor Swift=168

I was looking up Destiny's Child as they are out of Houston. In light of the Falcons being in the Super Bowl played in Houston I keep thinking about Lisa Left Eye Lopes death as well. I'm just wondering if they might kill off a Destiny's Child member sometime soon for a Super Bowl ritual? 
Kelly Rowland was born in Atlanta.  She's also born on 2/11 which reminds me of Whitney Houston...I've mentioned how Whitney's family is connected to SB 51 too. 
Whitney Houston died on Kelly Rowland's 31st bday on 2/11/2012. 
Kelly Rowland=53, 152
Super Bowl LI=53, 152
Kelendria Rowland=76, 166(that 166 yet again)
Lisa Nicole Lopes=67, 166

Interesting we get the story of Beyonce being pregnant with Twins 151(End date) days after her 35th bday. 
Destiny's Child=61, 151

Queen Bey=40, 94...
Beyonce born on 9/4...
Atlanta Falcons=40

I was looking up the performers at the Super Bowl as well. I just noticed something I didn't think about before. The Patriots are currently 4-4 in Super Bowls. If they win would be 5-4 or lose 4-5. 
New England=45
I've suspected for a while now too that the Patriots will be in Super Bowl 53...It will be the 99th season of the NFL. 
The Patriots lost to the Bears in the SB in the 66th season of the NFL. 
They lost to the Packers in the SB in the 77th season of the NFL. 
They lost to the Giants in the SB in the 88th season of the NFL. 
I think they might win SB 53 as it will be the 99th season of the NFL....New England=99
Interesting in Regards to 40 as well. Jay Z owns the chain of clubs called "40/40". 
99 Problems.....Actually Ice T. 
It's not Ice T...It's Lemonade...
Remember we got the Beyonce Lemonade story 69 days after SB 50 in which she performed too. 

Blue Ivy=33
Lemonade the song samples the 1969 song by King Crimson. 


  1. King Crimson always makes me think of The Crimson King who is the locked away Sauron type bad guy in Stephen Kings The Dark Tower series, which is getting a flick soon. King better be careful with these movies coming out, he is 69.

    I am also pretty sure that Tay-Dog is actually a LeVine. She looks so much like Antom LeVine's daughter that it it spooky. She is going to be hoaxed out this year. I been saying that for awhile now. Real soon.

  2. You may also want to see how this announcement relates to the birth of Twin Pandas at the Atlanta Zoo last year. I will have to look back, but I did some work on them.

    1. Here it is, my man


      Born on 9/3!!!
      Named on 12/12
      100 Days
      3 months 9 days
      They are twin girls
      The 6th and 7th offspring of
      Lun Lun=22, 94, 520, 760
      6-7 is also the Falcons record vs Pats
      Also 706 and 678 are Atlanta Area Codes(404 and 770 as well)
      They are named
      Ya Lun=19, 73, 125, 1081
      Xi Lun= 26, 80, 480, 989
      Ya=8, 26, 52, 401, 701
      Xi=15, 33, 59, 309, 609
      Ya Xi=23, 59, 111, 710, 1310
      Ya Xi Lun=34, 106, 184, 970, 1690
      Ya Lun Xi Lun= 45, 153(# of Years since Atlanta burned), 1230, 270

      It means
      Lun Lun's elegant and happy daughters=131, 149, 365, 417


  3. After the birth of her twins she will leave JayZ : read the lyrics of me, myself and I