Saturday, February 4, 2017

Aaron Hernandez 40's....NFL games on 318th day of 2016 Ryan Mathews, Matt Ryan.

Just a quick post here, but I saw this Aaron Hernadez article today. Just wanted to point out the mention of 40 a few times in this article. 
He's in prison 40 miles from Boston. They also tell us how he got a $40 million contract just before the 2012 murders. 
Atlanta Falcons=40

I've been saying a lot about the Falcons being connected to me because of Dan Marino. As I'm sitting here I noticed my uncle died 22 days before SB 51. I'm just reminded of Dan Marino losing SB 19 by 22 points. 
Daniel Constantine Marino=114
My uncle died on 1/14.
Much more 114, just something to think about as I've been really on the Falcons winning kick, but trying to see where I could be wrong as well. 
Marino=70=Falcons=Miami Dolphins
Thirteen=45, 99=New England
SB 19 was Marino's first and last SB and it was all about their offense a lot like the Falcons. 
I still think it's for the Falcons though. 

In regards to 318 both the Patriots and the Falcons lost on the 318th day last year. 
The Patriots to the Seahawks and the Falcons to the Eagles. 
Notice Ryan Mathews had an awesome game for the Eagles this day. His name the reverse of Matthew Ryan. 
Dolphins QB's RYAN Tannehill, MATT Moore. 
Matthew Ryan=148
Donald J Trump=148


  1. I believe the Philadelphia loss was an ode to Tammie Terrel, a mo-town singer famous for her duets with Marvin Gaye. She died of Cancer at the young age of 24 in Philadelphia. Terrel reminds of the male falcon, tercel, and there is even a bit on her wiki about how she was supposed to be a boy named Tommy or something, but surprised everyone and was a girl.


  2. On 12/11 the Falcons played the Rams in LA. This was the 52nd anniversary of the strange death of Sam Cooke. He sang a few hits, including Chain Gang and that Bjrds and the Bees song. Anyway, he was killed in self defense at the age of 33 in 1964. 52 year anniversary, Superbowl on 2/5.