Thursday, February 23, 2017

166 a Number I'm supposed to see-My Uncles/Grandpa-Lane Graves-32

So ever since the death of my uncle Barney I have mentioned a lot of connections to my grandpa and other uncles. 
The number 1012 is really connected to it all.  My uncle a 4th degree knight of Columbus....Columbus discovers america on 10/12 and so on...Dolphins Jersey and the Dolphins score of 10-12 first game of the season...
My Grandpa Eugene Murphy was born on 10/12..His middle name is Bernard which is where Barney got his name. Barney was the 1st of 9 children. 
Look at the connection between my grandpa and my uncle Barney, they are complete opposites of each other. 

What's interesting more is that Barney died 3 months 2 days after 10/12. 
See below..

My Uncle Kelly was the first of my uncles on my Mom's side to die. 
Notice he also equals 166. 
Kelly's bday was also April 24th 1960.
Normally the 114th day of the year but 60' was  a leap year. 
Barney died on 1/14. 
My Uncle Barney had only 1 child and she died on 10/15/1981. 
My Uncle Kelly died on 10/15/ the 32nd anniversary of Barney's daughter. I don't know much else about her other than that. I'll add to it if I find out. 
Christine Marie Murphy=252 (Just read on Obituary)
The Sum of divisors of 166 is 252. 
Barney died 1+14+17=32  Age 63...Sum of Divisors of 32 are 63. 
Thirty Two=158=Eugene Murphy=Barney Murphy

Mike was the 2nd Uncle to die and then Barney the 3rd. 
Interesting Mike Murphy=131(reverse) and "kelly Murphy"=131(simple)
The 32nd prime number is 131. 

Not gonna relist a bunch of other stuff, but basically blew my mind seeing my Uncle and Grandpa as complete opposites with Reverse and Ordinal. 
My Uncle Kelly was also the guy I was talking about around the time Lane Graves was ate by the Alligator on the 166th day of the year. (Trump's 70th bday)
Lane Graves=166(reverse)
Kelly was from Vail, Iowa which is right next to Yellowsmoke Park named after Chief Yellowsmoke who my town murdered in 1868. A lot more but wanted to throw that in there. 
One Hundred Sixty Six=95, 257
Dan Behrendt=95
Daniel Edward Behrendt=95
One Hundred Fourteen=95
Daniel Behrendt=257(reverse)


  1. Freaky, I get a lot of similar type connects but with few different numbers, but a few the same i.e. 131, 158, 114, 252, & 32 are all common to see for me.

  2. 166 is a number that I have come to see more and more often.

    In Jewish folklore, Adam was said to have a wife prior to Eve named Lilith. Adam and Lilith did not get along so Adam went to God and voiced his discontent about Lilith.
    In order to appease man, God then kicks Lilith out of the garden and creates a new woman for Adam named Eve. Lilith just so happens to be pregnant with a child by Adam. Shes furious and angry at both Adam and God.
    So when the baby is born, she takes the baby and bashes the baby’s head on the banks of the Euphrates river and out of that dead baby’s brains comes all the demons of the universe. That is why Lilith is considered the Patriot saint of abortion.
    Lilith is the queen or the matriarch of all the vampires in folklore. Strong man. Or strong woman. Goes back thousands of years.
    Sculputures of her that go back two to three thousand b.c. This is a very ancient archtype.

    Lilith appears in the bible (Isaiah 34:14) as a “screech owl.”

    Generally speaking, all numbers have duality. Some however seem to stand out more and carry more of a significant impact than others.