Thursday, June 6, 2019

Why Trump's Vietnam comments matter on D-Day

Interesting news story in regards to D-Day and Trump not being a fan of Vietnam. 
I previously covered the connection between Omaha Beach the horse in regards to the 75th anniversary of D-Day...
Michael Earl Smith=75(Jockey)
World War III=75
Was never a Fan=75

I'm only bringing this up because they are showing this story in regards to Vietnam. Think about how Trump most recently met with Kim Jong Un in Vietnam. 

The meeting began 3 months 10 days before D-Day. 
Remember Swiss records say that Kim Jong Un's bday isn't 1/8 it's actually 7/5(July 5th). 
Interesting too the meeting began on 2/27...
Normandy Beach in FRANCE and 227 the big important number to France this year. 

It's funny but just a few days ago my best friend snapchatted me and asked me if I remembered the name of the Omaha band who used to play at the bar in town. I knew he was talking about "Normandy Circle" right away, and he agreed it was them. They had a song called "Youth of America" that we always joked "P.O.D." had stole from them....just interesting I would even get asked that out of nowhere...the Omaha band called Normandy Circle? 
I tried finding them, but they don't have a Facebook or a Youtube that I could see..too bad as I want to listen to their album again. 

6/6 is also the mirror day to 7/27..
The Korean War came to an end on 7/27 or the 208th day of the year. 
6/6 leaves 208 days in the year. 
Trump addressed the nation about the Wall on Kim Jong Un's bday which is 208 days after his own bday. 


  1. Warhawks advocating for a war president. If you enlisted, I will not vote for you. I have nothing against soldiers generally, but they are not protecting our freedoms as they are supposed to do. Fighting foreign wars is not protecting our freedoms. It's a con game, and those who enlist usually do so for college money.

  2. Dan, I had a sync today. One of my sons has a sync to a past person, and tonight I was researching Charles Goodyear because last night one of my daughters chose to read aloud about Charles Goodyear. I was unclear on some of the details from the short reading and so decided to look up more information about him.

    As I was reading, low and behold Charles Goodyear had a link to the person my son has a sync.