Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Synchronicity with 11 and a comment on my "11 Year old Amberly Barnett" video about the Dark Web

So last night I document a bunch of synchronicity at work yesterday all connected to Finger 11 and the "11" stuff I was documenting about back in November. 
Today I'm at work and the first time I look at the clock it is of course 11:11. After this happens I kept thinking, "I bet the next customer's amount comes to 11 dollars or something". The next customers total didn't come to 11 dollars but they did give me $16 for their purchase of $ they got 11 cents back....but only they didn't want the change and told me to keep it. So the 11 cents even stood out because they didn't want their change. 

After that happened I started thinking about how I woke up this morning. My alarm is on my phone and when I woke up I had 1 was a comment on my "11 Year old Amberly Barnett" video.....11 year old? 
Remember "Amberly Barnett"=310(Franc Baconis) too. 
Watched Unfriended: Dark Web and got a Strange Text the next day
I can't help but think of the post about watching the "Dark Web" film and getting a strange message the next day. 
Even more strange is the movie is about a guy who steals a laptop at the lost and found and it ends up belonging to secret murderers who play murder games. 
Jasmine recently came home with a laptop that she said she bought from a girl at work. I'm sure that is where it came from, but still makes me think about this post. 
A Barnett Dark Web Box Video
Here's the video they are referring to. I'm not so sure the video is truthful...considering they have like half a million Subs.....the video does have  a lot of strange stuff in it and a big part of it is about eating babies...

Anyway....Later in the day at work a mexican guy came in and paid 17 dollars in one dollar bills. At first he handed my 11 dollars and then searched in his pocket for more to grab out. When I counted them I only had 10 and not 11, so I had to count them in front of him so I could get the 11 lol. 
I thought..well maybe that's not really a sync....but the next person tells me..."I had $29.50 in gas". I look up at the screen and there are only 2 things of gas on the screen and they are both "$29.50".  I mean of all the amounts random people would get gas, what are the odds they both get exactly $29.50? 

Haha I know both of the people who got gas as well so I figured I'd look at their names on the Gematrinator. Of course the letter "K" was sticking while typing them in. I didn't even realize until I scrolled down to look at the gematria. 
K is the 11th letter...I mean seriously haha. 

So as I'm writing this post up, I stopped and found the video about the Dark Web thing the commenter is talking about. I get this notification on an old video from 2/25/2014..
What does this message even mean? It's just a bunch of nonsense? Or am I missing something? 
Safety of the most part? 
It's a little late for work tomorrow night? 
Is it a clue for something going down tomorrow night? 
I'd laugh like crazy if we get some type of story at a Cabela's considering the last line of the video/song she commented on. 
Cabela's headquarted in Sidney, Nebraska....I just recently saw that story about Sydney Loofe again in the local media..
Nebraska Cornhuskers=222
Tomorrow is 222 days after my bday...
Amberly Barnett=222
August 10th the 222nd day...
Amberly's death day is exactly the halfway point as it's 111 days after bday and 111 days before tomorrow. 
It's also 3 months 19 days after my bday to 3/1. 
Omaha, Nebraska=319....

It's interesting too that this involves kids as I just watched Rosemary's Baby the other night. It's about the satanic witches who want use Rosemary for Satan's baby. Rosemary from Omaha...

Watching this persons only video on their channel it seems that it might be a younger person too? They created some character and wrote a story about it. The spelling looks as if it's from a younger person is why I say this. 
It's just strange cause Becky Threefingers sounds a bit "naughty" to me...
Also remember the weird comments a while back on my exorcism videos that turned out to be a younger girl as well. 

I see they left a comment on another persons comment as well on that video. This one makes even less sense? 
Honestly I'm thinking about Rosemary's Baby and wondering if some of them words are "anagrams" for something too. 


  1. Part One of Strange things in gematria
    From Thu Oct 24 1985 to Sun Jun 23 2019 is:
    - 33 Years, 34 Weeks, 4 Days or 33-344


    The list is impressive, but by no means exhaustive.
    The number 37 is a prime - that is, it is only divisible by 1.
    How interesting to note that each of the digits, when raised to its triplet, its highest concept, is divisible by 37 - and this in increments of 3, thus:

    - 1×37 = 37
    - 3×37 = 111
    - 6×37 = 222
    - 9×37 = 333
    - 12×37 = 444
    - 15×37 = 555
    - 18×37 = 666
    - 21×37 = 777
    - 24×37 = 888
    - 27×37 = 999

    136 = Isaiah 41:4
    136 = Psalm 118:16

    As already noted in chapter 4, the cubic volume of the Great Pyramid is 37,000,000 cubic feet. The mean of earth's orbit around the sun is 186 million miles in diameter, making a circumference of 584.336 million miles. If this distance were stated in inches, it would be 37 with many zeros after it.

    The relationship of the number 37 to 27 is of utmost significance because it has to do with the beginning of things, with the sun, with light and with the Elohim. The speed of light is 186,000 miles per second. If this were measured by the reed it would be 93,000.
    If 93 were divided by the common denominator of 27, the result would be 3.44 (93÷27 = 3.44), and the number 344 is the gematria for "the light of the world," το φως του κόσμου, (Matt. 5:14). Its connection with the Pyramid is in the gematria for "great wonder," μεγάλο θαύμα, 344. If 344 were the diameter of a circle, the circumference would be 1080 - a number full of meaning.

  2. Part Two of Strange things in gematria

    Grand Boucan = 46, 33, 116
    Grand Boucan 2019 = 112, 74, 51, 107, 440
    Two Thousand Nineteen = 84, 246, 324
    Grand Boucan Two Thousand Nineteen = 923, 109, 1089 (square root 33), 221
    Jun 23 (6/23 or 623 or 923) = 76, 118
    June Twenty third = 72, 216
    Twenty third of June = 84, 222
    Sunday Jun 23 2019 = 47, 68, 122
    Dreamcatcher = 99, 46, 117
    Dragon = 117, 811
    Blue dragon = 46, 115
    Samurai = 33, 411
    Red samurai = 322, 511, 46
    Demon = 51, 39
    Black demon = 44, 55, 118
    Devil = 19, 47
    Black devil = 81, 111

    Bat = 22, 23, 116
    Apple = 23, 22, 47
    tentacle = 22, 46, 112

    Green dragon = 42, 63
    Unicorn = 188, 41
    St Gilles = 44, 97, 113, 974
    Reunion island is the department of France number 974
    The ZIP code of Saint Gilles les bains is 97434
    Saint Gilles les bains = 55, 99, 109
    Roi Dodo = 44, 32
    King Dodo = 33, 118, 222

  3. 29.5 is the number of days in a lunar month (synodic) New Moon to New Moon.

  4. was looking at binary today. 15 = 1111 in binary. One I showed derek is that 219 is 11011011 in binary. The Matrix.... Neo is an anagram of One and is even referred to as The One. It's said that Cypher represented Zero