Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Synchronicity with Spongebob after I uploaded my David Ortiz video-Francis Bacon-Why I share what I share about Truth

I made this video a bit ago and I came back out to the living room to upload it. After I uploaded it, I figured I'd listen to it while looking for some links to add to the description. 
I got a message about not talking about my synchronicities in the mix. I read this message on my phone and then I hear the TV say "Francis Bacon". 
It was also right at the same time in the video I started talking about why Francis Bacon Gematria is important. Haha, it's just so hilarious. It's an episode of SpongeBob that Claire must've been watching before she fell asleep. 

It makes me think how Spongebob was important to the Super Bowl this year...Frances BaconSKIN...think about Football being the PIGskin. 

This is why I talk about the synchroncities...because they are way more important than just showing how a story is coded. How many times has something odd in my life been connected to the media stories before they even happen?  People need to know this part of it, and not just blame everything on Freemasons. While the David Ortiz story and other media are almost certainly created by people in the know, it doesn't mean that others in the world aren't somehow connected to it. I have made a ton of videos that are simple like this too...but for what purpose? It hasn't really furthered my/others understanding of what is really going on. Yes, a video such as this can help wake more people up, but what good is waking people up if they aren't getting the most possible truth you can give? I'm not saying don't make videos like this either. I am saying however, if there is more that is connected to the story then it needs to be told. It shouldn't be held back for the sake of an agenda that Freemasons are responsible for everything. Freemasons aren't responsible for everything, unless they chose me as a baby and made sure I got all these syncs my whole life....which most likely is not the case. I do agree there are people such as Freemasons who understand this knowledge and are coding stories, to manipulate minds...but there is much more learn. I don't make videos to "Sell" an idea about Truth. Especially when I can see that the idea has been purposely taught by the same people who control the media. The "Truth" community is just as controlled as the media. 
I mean yeah...let's kill all the freemasons and then the world will be better? No, the world will still happen by this exact same code and the patterns will still exist. Finding the true source of why the world works this way seems more important to me than being mad at the current world that exists. How do we create a balanced world that is good for everyone? I mean a utopian world cannot exist. We would never advance if we didn't have some type of problems to learn from. So it's more about balancing the world to a "more" Harmonious state. This is why Hermeticism is so important.... 
Someone it seems has to be in control if this is truly how the world works...but who then should control it? I don't know very many people that could pursue that responsibility in a better manner than what's going on now. Too many selfish people in this world.   
Or does the whole system of how this world works need to go? Will that solve it? Is this even possible?

There's more to learn is the moral of what I am saying. There are many questions that need to be answered. I'm trying to understand the purpose of it all and help others who want to find it too. 


  1. Well said. You're helping me to understand my purpose as a 'Cosmic Tumbler' in this matrix. (Help others, hurt no one, do the most, good) PS if you want that as a future band name, its yours. And Now ladies and gentlemen, heeeeeres, The Cosmic Tumblers! (that would get some interesting dialogue going at your shows)

  2. The latest Jurassic Park Novel was "The Evolution of Claire"

  3. I've been saying this for a while. I'm going to do a live stream, hopefully Friday and this is what I planned on talking about. A while ago I was watching a video response to the "Gematria Effect News" channel. The guy made some great points, and he's very educated. He talked about how the universe and everything in it is constantly organizing itself all the time. Funny, because when he said that, I was making my bed. HA!

    If there truly is people intentionally coding things, it's still organic. There is no way around the organic code, and there is no-one or nothing that is exempt.

    The world is in control of itself and everyone on it. When people or "Societies" are in control of each other, we lose free will. Just imagine how much balancing could be done if everyone had time and energy to pursue their own existence. That's why this ancient knowledge has become so "occult." It was discovered and practiced by people who had more free will, and less distractions. Over time, this knowledge has taken a back seat to things that don't matter.

    I'm not interested in the mundane world at all anymore. There are people who are interacting with beings on other planes of existence, while most of us are celebrating pride in sexuality? Pride is a funny thing. Just look how egotistical and distracting it is.