Thursday, June 6, 2019

Allen Iverson's nickname "The Answer" also A.I.-The Matrix Synchronicity I had in May 2018

There is something I feel like I am missing with Allen Iverson that I mentioned a while back. His nickname's are A.I. and "The Answer"'s funny as lately I haven't been looking at the media much in regards to finding Truth. I mean I've looked at some stuff, but I haven't been as dedicated as I used to be..but it's because I feel like it's easy to decode every story in a minimial way. I want the real "Answer" to what is going on with this world. I know there is some force whether it's God/People/frequency or something else that has been guiding me in this research for years. I've recently asked a number of times out loud at my house, if I could just have the answer/purpose of life. 
Now "The Answer" is back in front of me, but I still don't get it haha. 
A=1, a 19...
I put that video out on 12/12 which leaves 19 days in the year. 
It's 2019...
Allen Iverson's bday is 6/7 which is the 19th prime number..
I talked a lot about Freemasonry being in connection in that video as well...So interesting today is 19 days before 6/24 when Freemasonry was founded. 
Today is also 5 months 24 days after the day I put the video out..."Freemasonry"=524(satanic)

I even put that video out 6 months 5 days after Iverson's bday in 2015. 
Philadelphia=65=Allen Iverson
Also interesting it's 188 days...
Bavarian Illuminati=80, 188

With the end date I also put that video out 178 days before his bday. 
Allen Iverson=178(reverse)
He will turn 44 years old this year...
Could he be next?....44 and 67 are not good numbers to have align it seems in this research. 

It's also interesting in regards to Artificial Intelligience as some people who follow this research believe this to be true about the world. It's all A.I. and the Matrix..or even more so such as the world in "The Thirteenth Floor". I don't know what I believe, but this concept has always intrigued me.
Synchronicity with Jumanji and the Matrix
It's interesting I've mentioned my friend Tom a decent amount lately too. I had synchronicity with him and the Matrix in May of 2018 in which I said August 11th seems to be an important day. This was way before anyone was even talking about August 11th too. I then mentioned a bunch of stuff in regards to Philadelphia with the film. 
Tom even has the same bday as Keanu the joke was that Tom and Keanu Reeves were VAMPIRES. 


  1. The Answer? Kind of like what we've talked about regarding, the price is right.

  2. The answer=113 the tattoo on his arm "Hold my own=33