Monday, June 24, 2019

Boy dies after falling in Trampoline Park-Synchronicity with Nick Jr

Matthew Lu=123
So right as I click on this story, I hear the TV say "Trampoline". 
It's some new TV show on NICKJr. that I have never seen called "Ryan's Mystery Playdate". 

No idea the point of the synchronicity but it's interesting both the kids look asian. 

I've been getting some weird messages on old music videos on youtube lately too. I wonder if "Trampoline" is somehow important to this video I have from 2012? 
That "No Awwdbry" comment was on my Horny Bear video which is also a Don't Funk Up the Volume contest entry....

We got a story today about Aubrey Trail as well in which I thought the Awwdbry might be connected to. 

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