Sunday, June 9, 2019

David Ortiz shot and wounded in the Dominican Republic

This story comes 162 days before Ortiz's bday. 
Major League Baseball=162=MLB=Baseball
162 regular season games and so on...
Notice too it's 5 months 9 days before his bday..
59 the big number around black people. 
Big Papi=42, 60(other numbers around black people)

This comes 32 weeks after the Red Sox won the World Series. 
The Red Sox got their 32nd loss of the season today. 
Also the news comes from his "Father"=32
Red Sox=32
The 6-1 score also interesting as "David Ortiz"=61 even abbreviates Domincan Republic to DR. 
His fathers name is "Leo"=32
Leo Ortiz=42

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