Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Synchronicity with Rihanna this Morning

I woke up early this morning because my son was crying. I looked at my phone to see what time it was and I had this notification on my phone. Ortiz is not African, but he is for sure Black, or has the skin color that people in America call "Black". 
This also stands out to me in regards to the synchronicity I had last night with Frances BaconSKIN and I mentioned PigSKIN. 
So anyway I started thinking about Rihanna and wondered if she was African or not considering she's from a similar area...

I go to CNN and of course there is a story about Rihanna lol. Even better the story is about how she doesn't sleep because of her kid...you know like how I woke up because my son was crying and saw that message. 
What do you know...
But hey synchronicities are boring so maybe I shouldn't talk about it haha. 

It's funny looking at Rihanna too...
Robyn Rihanna Fenty=88(rev red)
If you go back to before I fully knew about Gematria I was saying she was important to the planet Neptune and the number 88....how fitting. 
I've always had this connection to Neptune as well for some odd reason. For years I have often suggested I wanted to name my child "Neptune" because no one really names their kid after a planet and Neptune has always drawn me in. I've even recently joked about this name to Jasmine for our next child as I know she would never do it. 
I have previously pointed out that "Neptune"=95 and the guy who discovered Neptune's name equals 95...plus My name and full name equal 95. 
Funny too that Neptune is the God of the Sea/Earthquakes/Horses..
Earthquakes have been a reccuring theme I've mentioned over the years and there is something with WATER thats important. I was even a lifeguard for 10 years of my life. 

Rihanna's bday is also 3 months 10 days after my bday on 11/10..which is also the mirror date of her bday 2/20. 

It's also important because Rihanna's on and off again relationship with "DRAKE". 
Funny she even briefly dated Travis Scott who SpongeBob introduced at the halftime show of Super Bowl 53...which I mentioned in the previous post. 
Think about SpongeBob and Water as well. 
Jacques Berman Webster II=95(Travis Scott)
The Super bowl was 9 months 5 days after his bday. 

Rihanna also has a song called "Skin"...

In regards to 8/11 I remember pointing out that Rihanna is from the parish of St. Michael which is the 8th of 11 Parishes on Barbados...8X11=88
The Flag is the Trident(Neptune)
Interesting that...
Ninety Five=141
141st prime is 811


  1. Just like Sirius and Halloween. Reflection of 59.

  2. Was looking back at some of my Neptune stuff. I'll try to organize later but was picking up on the Aquaman coding with Neptune being at 343° for the premier of the film and how Aquaman = 343 Jewish. But also was picking up on the 244.

    Actor name: Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa = 244 ordinal

    Character name: Arthur Joseph Curry = 244 ordinal

    Today, the day you made this blogpost is 24 weeks & 4 days since Aquaman was released.

  3. Also Neptune discovered on 9/23

  4. On 12.21.18 it was 62911 days after the discovery. Today is the last day of it being 9011 weeks.

  5. 88 is also related to gates, such as Lion's Gate, Golden Gate, Silver Gate, etc.

  6. Dan, are you sure you want to be synced in to all of this? Now, I'm understanding a bit better about the numbers, and that being synced is organic, but only because it is purposeful. The "stars" have all undergone intense Kabbalah practice, so what they are synced to could even be their own murder and they don't realize it.