Saturday, June 15, 2019

Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran's brother dies in the Dominican Republic

I saw this story on CNN and thought go figure another story out of the Dominican Republic reminding us of David Ortiz. 
I saw the article mentioned other vacationers that were recently found dead in the DR as well, so I went to Yahoo to search for the old stories. 
Of course the top headline on Yahoo was about a new American who died in the DR. 

Barabara Corcoran of course born on 3/10(310) as well. 
I've honestly never watched "Shark Tank", but it reminds me of the "Water" theme I was mentioning with Neptune. 

The last episode of "Shark Tank" to air was on 5/12 and it was the 222nd episode...
Remember 8/10 is the 222nd day...
5/12 important to the Philadelphia Trainwreck and Nepal Earthquake and more...

It's funny he died in April and they are just now reporting on it on 6/15? Interesting as it's the 166th day of the year...
166 has been super important to the things I've been talking about..
Pigs=166 and so on..

I'll think about this more later. I got a bunch of stuff to do, but didn't want to forget this Dominican thing...

The DR is where the first permanent European Settlement in the American's was too....

Just thinking about how Christopher Columbus was important to the number 166 and my Uncles death in early 2017. Also how this year has been all synced up to late 2016 early 2017...


  1. Here's one for you. Target Cash registers down. Target is a French company

  2. scratch that. It's American. shit.

  3. seems very relevant nonetheless

  4. Target Field home of the Minnesota Twins. there ya go!