Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Synchronicity at work with Finger 11-Kanye-Slipknot-310

I actually wrote this post last night on 6/18. For some reason it didn't publish. I might not have pushed the button as I was super tired..but here is the post. 

Today at work a guy who comes in everyday had a total of $7.77. He and the guy behind him started talking about buying a lottery ticket because of the 777. The guy then gave me two $5 bills and I said, why don't you give me another $5 so it will be 777 paying with 555. He then said, it's too bad they don't make 6 dollar bills huh. I then had the Slipknot song, "If you're 555 then I'm 666(Heretic Anthem)" in my head. 
So they next guy that comes up right after this, I notice is wearing a shirt that says, "Pigs, the Original Bacon". I thought how funny considering Slipknot..the Pig Year...But then the guy actually bought the flavored Bacon strips we just started selling a week ago. He is the first customer that has bought one when I was the clerk. I asked him if he bought it because of his shirt, and he laughed but didn't even realize what shirt he had on. He just wanted the bacon and it had nothing to do with his shirt. 
Earlier in the day when I first got there for some reason I was singing the song "My Carousel" by Finger Eleven. I really have no idea why either, it was just random and the song was stuck in my head. About a half hour or so later I looked at my phone and I noticed a notification popped up about the Loretta Lynn album called "Carousel"....What's odd is that I cannot even find this album by her online. 
Loretta Lynn=310(Franc Baconis)
Funny I took this screen shot at 3 minutes till 10 too haha. 

Also remember Finger Eleven is a Canadian Band.
Remember Back in November I was talking about Finger Eleven and a bunch of synchronicity with the number laptop crashing and more. It's when I first started mentioning how there seems to be a connection to what was going on at the end of 2016/Montagraph and so on...

Remember how a Finger Eleven video mysteriously got put in my Kanye West playlist that I titled "Kanye West coding Leading up the Paris Attacks". 
Think how Kanye was connected to Slipknot. 
Freddie Gray/Paul Gray/The Greyest of Blue Skies(Finger 11). 
When I noticed that video was in my playlist, the video had been on Youtube of 8 years 10 months 3 days...

Also remember how the playlist I was listening to only had 10 of the 11 songs on the album. 
Looking at it now I see the song "My Carousel" is of course # 3 of 10 on that playlist too haha. Everything happens for a reason, I swear. 

My Carousel=262(Franc Baconis)
This is interesting as the Kanye/Queen stuff was important to 262....9/19 being the 262nd day....also 6/26 was the day Obama legalized gay marriage..I've been thinking about this day as well lately because of this...

I swear if my laptop crashes again I will freak out lol. 
I am so tired I cannot even look at any news stories or more into this. 

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