Friday, June 7, 2019

Warriors Part Owner Banned for pushing Kyle Lowry-Drake TROLLS again-Beyonce Fans TROLL Warriors Owners Wife

Of course an incident in Game 3 of the NBA Finals with Kyle Lowry....the guy who is from PHILADELPHIA. 
The incident on 6/5. 
I've been saying this finals is important to Philadelphia. 
His bday of 25/3 also interesting..
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania=253

This game was 2 months 11 days after Lowry's bday. 
Kyle Lowry=47
47th prime is 211. 

I also see Zach posted about a bunch of 47 in the story as well. The story came out on 6/6 which was 73 days after Lowry's bday....73 is important to Pi in which the Warriors are really connected to. 
The Warriors raised the BANner on 4/7? That's funny. 

We also had Drake TROLLING again after this game..
Think how Drake rubbed Nick Nurses Shoulders in the Bucks series that was a big deal too. 
Drake rubs the Mark Stevens pushes the Shoulder? 

Oh and another Illuminati puppet Jay-Z was at the game. When he talked to the Warriors owners wife, Beyonce seemed to get mad....of course Beyonce Fans started TROLLING. 
Beyonce=314(satanic)...the Pi stuff. 
Beyonce=120=Illuminati=Drake=Aubrey Graham
Don't forget Beyonce important to the stuff I have mentioned with Freddie and Kanye West too. 
Wouldn't doubt if we get something going on with Taylor Swift soon. 
Think about how I documented about "Annie" and mentioned Jay Z...and how it was important to Mini Me dying last year...then we got a story about Jay Z being the first billionaire rapper.....Beyonce is in the Austin Powers film in which they parody "It's a Hard Knock Life"(Jay Z). 
The single Hard Knock Life released on Philadlephia's anniversary too. 

I mentioned a lot to do with CANADA in the previous posts too. Funny I was thinking about 6/8 is important to Alex Trebek and it's also Kanye West's bday..but Alex Trebek is also from Canada. 
Trebek also important to "Pi". 
Also the 68th prime number is 337 and this year it will be Philadlephia's 337th anniversary. 


  1. Robert Kraft presents 6th superbowl ring on 6/6

  2. I love how they keep referring this guy as a 'Minority owner'. Heh heh