Thursday, June 27, 2019

2 Americans missing in Barbados-Rihanna symbolism-Also Pink-Drowning in the media

First off...when did these people go missing? From the looks of the picture it was sometime in the late 70's or early 80's. I mean they couldn't find better pictures than that to show of the missing people in 2019? haha it's hilarious. 
Look at the girls name too...
Magdalena Devil...
Like Mary Magdalene and the Devil. 
Jet Ski=43
New Jersey=43
Jesus Christ=43
Think how I've recently been mentioning Rihanna and the importance to "water". Now these people go missing on a Jet Ski? 
Also the capital of Barbados and where Rihanna is from is "BRIDGEtown"...Remember how New Jersey is important to the bridge symbolism with "BridgeGate". 

They went missing on 6/24 which was 124 days after Rihanna's bday. 
New Jersey=124
Holetown Beach=220
Like Rihanna's bday of 2/20. 

In regards to Water too....I've noticed a lot of stories involving Drowing lately again too. Even the player in the College World Series whose brother died from Drowing...or I think that's what the announcers talked about. 
Yesterday we got the story of the Drowned people at the border....
It's interesting seeing this "PINKY" story too. Remember how the Drowning and Pink themes went together. Now I see stories involving both in the media? 

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